Best vacation in Caribbean Roatan HondurasCredit: Wikimedia Commons; Zest-pk


If you want to travel the Caribbean, Roatan in Honduras should be on your list. Roatan Island is a little known tropical destination off the coast of Honduras. Despite its small size and lack of international popularity, Roatan has a lot to offer as a vacation destination from scuba diving to bird watching to personal encounters at the local iguana farm. Or you can just relax on one of the scenic beaches. There’s something for everyone in the family to make this the best vacation in the Caribbean.

Where is Roatan Honduras?

The Caribbean island of Roatan is part of the Bay Islands off the northern coast of Honduras. Is you are looking at a map for where is Roatan Honduras, look for the three Bay Islands north of Puerto Castilla and La Ceiba and east of Belize and Guatemala, Roatan in the long middle island. As the largest of the Bay Islands, Roatan stretches for 32 miles and has a width of just three to four miles across. Roatan’s scenery includes tropical mangrove forests, beaches, and the underwater reefs.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and Roatan DivingRoatan DivingCredit: Wikimedia Commons; Aquaimages

Surrounding the island is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, locally called the Mayan Barrier Reef. This reef is the largest in North America and second only to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. This reef system is just one piece of a complex habitat network that includes the region’s beaches and wetlands. The reef system and the life it supports make scuba diving off the coast of Roatan a favorite activity. Scuba divers from around the world make the trip to Roatan just to experience the reef.

Roatan Wildlife

Whether you’re on the beach or exploring the mangrove forests, there’s plenty of natural wildlife to see on Roatan. The island supports a range of unique and colorful tropical species. Roatan island agoutis, a small rodent, the red-lored Amazon parrot, yellow-crowned Caribbean Amazon parrot, Caribbean dove, and the green-breasted mango hummingbird are all native to Roatan. While relaxing on the beach you may see the local pelicans, terns, osprey, and noddys. Several wildlife centers on the island offer visitors with up close and personal experiences with the local wildlife. You can view rescued animals at the Maya Key Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center or surround yourself with 6-foot iguanas at the Iguana Farm.

Roatan in Honduras Accommodations

Throughout the island, tourists can find accommodations to meet their budget and style. From bed and breakfast style lodgings, to economy hotels and luxury resorts, Roatan has plenty of choices when it comes to where to stay. Some resorts in Roatan are even kid friendly such as Anthony’s Key Resort, a Roatan accommodation that operates a kids scuba camp.

Although Roatan’s economy thrives on tourism, this island is less crowded than other well-known Central American tourist spots. When vacationers travel the Caribbean, Roatan is not usually a stopover. The island’s lack of popularity does not mean it lacks as a Caribbean destination. In fact, when visiting this Bay Island you can experience all the Caribbean has to offer without the crowds, just one reason many call Roatan Island a hidden gem in the Caribbean.