After a little trip to Casaloma, I’m here to present to you with the top twelve interesting things I found while touring there.

First, Sir Henry Pellatt started out as a rifleman and climbed up the rankings to Major-General and was knighted by the queen.

Second, Sir Henry Pellatt had earned most of his money through investing in railways, abandoned land, and hydroelectricity.

Third, the whole castle was worth 3.5 million dollars back then. In modern day evaluation, it’s approximately 22 million dollars! One could only wonder why someone would need such a house. Some even considered Sir Henry Pellatt a showoff.

Fourth, it was the first house in Canada to have Electricity! He even made his own electricity generator based off harvesting the water power in Niagara Falls. His invention was eventually stolen by Toronto saying that electricity is free and no one should control it, when later on they used it and became the a very big company.

Fifth, they had a modern shower. It may not necessarily meet the standards of today’s showers but back then it was quite a luxury and impressive technology for its time.

Sixth, they had constructed an elevator in the house for Lady Pellatt. It was the first elevator in a house in Canada. Lady Pellatt was severely handicapped due to old age.

Seventh, an underground tunnel connects Casa Loma to the Hunting Lodge and to The Stables. Some believe there are ghosts down there.

Eighth, there were 2 secret passes within the castle. I have a few theories of why those exist. Escape and or ease.

Ninth, the husband and wife actually slept in different rooms. If they ever wanted to get together, they simple went to the others bedroom.

Tenth, Pellatt actually had 25% of Canada’s wealth in the beginning. Unfortunately, he only owned his house for 10 years.

Eleventh, the owner of the castle actually went bankrupt! He kept all his money in the Canadian Federal Reserve and they went bankrupt during the great recession. He eventually had to sell this house to Toronto as well as sell everything (antiques) from his house as well as his wife’s wheelchair to be able to pay back the money.

Twelfth, many maids and servants in his house died silently and some have come to believe they are haunting this place. There even are quite a few reports of ghost sightings in the third floor which is the servant’s quarters. They describe the ghost as a woman in white clothing,

Overall, Casaloma is an interesting place and if you get the chance why not visit? Who knows, you might even see a ghost!