Ceiling fans are very useful for moving air around.  They can push the heat down from the ceilings in the winter, especially high vaulted ceilings, or they can keep the air moving in the hot weather.  But they don’t have to look utilitarian.

For years, they had a very basic design, and many homeowners would try to make them blend so that they didn’t stand out by purchasing white ones to match the ceiling paint or if they needed a light as well have it do everything in one go and look like a big ugly monstrosity in the room with that hanging cord.  It was the first thing you saw.

But if you are trying to decorate or personalize your space, then consider investing in a more unique ceiling fan that adds style to your room.  These can be double duty appliances that will move the air, light the way, and simply look good even when not in use.  Check them out below and see if they don’t give you some ideas, and maybe it is time to “kick the old one to the curb” or donate it.  Gone are the days of standing on a stool to pull the ugly cord to turn it on, remote control is the way to go now.

unique ceiling fansCredit: amazon.com
TroposAir 44 Inch Ceiling Fan, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Amazon Price: $599.99 $499.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 22, 2016)

Oiled Rubbed Bronze - Indoor/Outdoor Contemporary Ceiling Fan

This was designed by architects, and the design helps to move air, but also really looks good.  Just like any fixture including lighting, it is nice if you can have it match your décor and personality to complete your room.  Just because it is a necessary appliance, doesn’t mean it can’t look good as well as work quietly.

This comes with remote and 6 speeds to keep your room comfortable but also looks awesome when in use or sitting quietly not in use.  

unique ceiling fansCredit: amazon.com

52 Inch Wave

This is a very simple design created in metal but with a distressed finish that looks like wood.  It has a large fan area to really move the air around, but looks very simplistic.  It also has remote control to control the 3 speeds.  Perfect for larger rooms or high ceilings.

unique ceiling fansCredit: amazon.com
Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Light & Remote
Amazon Price: $499.99 $299.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 22, 2016)

Double Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze and Light

If you really want to make a statement or maybe you are sporting the industrial or rustic look in your room, then this would really create the wow factor.  You can’t help but notice this piece, and it will look like functional artwork on your ceiling.  It has double fans to really get that air moving and a light.  It has 3 speeds and a remote and each fan has 24 inch blades. 

If you want something that looks industrial this would work.  Match it with some industrial floor lamps or pendants and it will fit right in.  You don’t want to hide this one. 

unusual ceiling fansCredit: amazon.com
Brette 23 in. LED Indoor/Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
Amazon Price: $264.40 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 22, 2016)

Enclosed Drum Style Ceiling Fan

If you prefer the modern styling of metal, then this is a great piece as well.  The unit measures 15.5 inches in diameter, so it is not a huge fan, but depending on the room, it can still move the air.  It can also be used under a covered porch to move air and blow away mosquitoes. 

It uses LED light strips for your lighting and hangs only 5.5 inches off the ceiling which is good if you have a low ceiling room.  Very modern and chic looking especially if you are not really a fan of the open blade styling.  This is all contained making it easier to clean and maintain.

unusual ceiling fansCredit: amazon.com
Savoy House 26-9536-FD-196 Alsace Fan D'lier 26" Ceiling Fan, Recalimed Wood
Amazon Price: $590.51 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Sep 22, 2016)

Industrial Styling with Reclaimed Wood

If rustic or industrial is your styling, this is another great piece that will do the job of moving air, but at the same time really fit in with your warehouse style of décor.  I really love this one.  The simple basket style design houses the blades and it has a single light so could be used in an entrance way or any room that needs air movement and lighting.  It still looks awesome when not in use.

Make a Statement!

We need many of these appliances to keep us comfy in all seasons, but they don’t have to look so ugly!  Everyone has their own tastes, but these unique ceiling fans are a great investment as they work double duty, to keep air moving but also fit in with your décor.  Let’s face it; we need them, so why not make them a conversation piece!

You can get other accessories that can match up with some of these unique fans for your space so that it doesn’t stand out in a bad way.  If your look is rustic, then consider the warehouse styling with enclosed baskets, or if you are contemporary consider the modern chic styles.  There are so many to choose from now.

Many lighting stores will carry the traditional ceiling fans that have been around for decades, some may carry different styles, but I have found online to have some of the greatest designs.  They all have to be hardwired in, so you may need to get a professional to install them, but once they are up there they will be seen each time you enter the room, so you want one that you like and feel matches your room and your personality.

If you have one of those old styles and can’t remember how old it is, and it has that hanging cord, then it is time for a new one!