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I live in sunny Southern California. I am a student at Cal State Long Beach, returning to finish my degree after a lengthy layoff. I am a part-time crime beat reporter for United Reporting Publishing Company. I used to write exclusively for eHow. I now write for Demand Studios and Info barrel.

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What do you want to see?
by Anthonyj34
9 years ago
Why Does Air Temperature Decrease with Elevation?

We've all experienced the drop in temperature that occurs when traveling from low-lying areas to high elevation areas. But why or how does this occur? Well, the answer is quite simple. Read on for details!

by Anthonyj34
10 years ago
The Rise of John Gotti

John Gotti was a high-profile mafia boss known for his fancy clothes, his bold, in-your-face demeanor, and his string of courtroom victories that earned him the moniker "Teflon Don." He rose to power following the demise of Paul Castellano, Gotti's boss in the Gambino crime family.

by Anthonyj34
10 years ago
Debunking a Common Health and Fitness Myth: Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Many people try in vain to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. In a perfect world, fat would melt while muscle gets big and ripped, creating a perfect gladiator-type physique. But that's not how things work!

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