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Thanks for taking a minute to visit my page!
I joined infobarrel because I am determined to get into the air.  It's a dream I've had since childhood but never been able to fully realise.  I've been fortunate to fly a few times; a friend and I once saved our paper round money and went halves on a flying lesson, another time I was taken up by an engineer after a great week of summer  work experience at my local aerodrome.
As time passed, life and bills got in the way and I just gave up all hope for a while. I became pretty unhappy.  Eventually I realised how important this is to me, that I have to give everything I can to make it happen and I hope that writing on infobarrel will help me on my way.
Do you have a dream that won't go away, but financial circumstances make it seem impossible?  Why not join infobarrel and see how you get on?
There's plenty to learn -I'm new here myself as I write this.  One thing you will quickly discover is the great community of fellow writers who will support you along the way.
It would be a great favour to me if you could sign up through this link:
This will allow me to be paid by Infobarrel when your articles begin to earn (this will not affect the amount you recieve).  You'll recieve a link of your own so that you can benefit from introducing others too!
Find me at www.about.me/edwalker

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