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Laila Hashem

I am Laila, a creative, passionate, determined Egyptian pursuing a Literature and Creative Writing degree at New York University. My hobbies include visual arts, writing, pole-dancing, chess, and tennis. Coming from a background where traditions have more weight than logic in society, I’ve suffered ignorant remarks and condemnation for my many questions, which lead me to choose studying abroad in New york university to become a writer. I believe that writing demolishes ignorance by spreading awareness, through evidence and emotions, which is why I chose this career path. My writing conveys the latter: The emotional side of experiences, which, I believe, induces empathy and understanding. My love of visual arts has similar reasons, which is why I currently work as a tour guide in the Art Gallery of New York University in Abu Dhabi. I also pursue the academic side of writing through publishing articles relating to toxic traditional beliefs and mental health for the online platform: ‘The Gazelle’. Lastly, I have published three poems to online magazines.

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What do you want to see?
by Laila Hashem
1 year ago
Past Regrets: How to Let Go

Regrets. We all have them. We all dread them. So, how do we get past them? We have to stop feeling and start evaluating. Think about it. Why did you decide to act the way you did? And how much of an impact did it truly have on your life? You'll be surprised at what you discover....

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