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Hi there I'm Louis. By day, I have a normal, busy, stressful job. By night, I'm a freelance researcher, writer and someone who spends far too many hours mindlessly surfing the net. I also fill in surveys for money. I know this sounds lame but hey, it's extra pocket money and I do it from the comfort of my own home while watching HBO so hey! Louis is not my real name by the way:  I'm far too shy to tell my day job friends about my night job. I have a thing about round numbers so I'm going to try to get up to 100  200 InfoBarrels. Here we go!!Feel free to read all my infobarrels - feedback welcome!  And click here if you want to join me in making money by writing for infobarrels. It might sound daunting but once you've written a few infobarrels, you honestly get the hang of it!Here's to your success!

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What do you want to see?
by LouisLovesLouis
10 years ago
What are Hybrid Water Heaters

SAVE HOUSEHOLD BILLS WITH A HYBRID WATER HEATER Do hybrid water heaters save you money? Need to know more before you commit to getting one? How often do you use hot water? Every day for your shower or bath? When you wash the dishes? When washing your face...

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