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Interests, hobbies, & accomplishments:
Musician, Writer, Product testing engineering consultant, Technical engineering writer, wood carver, cane & walking stick maker, woodworker, wirewrap jewelry maker for 20 years, artist, I do some scrimshaw, airbrushing, photography. I'm a treasure hunter, rock, mineral, & fossil collector, Fly fisherman and fly tier, Rod builder and reel repair, I fix a lot of things, I build a lot of things, I do character analysis through color, Vietnam era Navy veteran, married twice, 7 kids, 2 still at home, love trivia, love to cook, Worked on failure analysis on the Space Shuttle program in 1984 on the failure of the initial deployment of the shuttle arm. I was instrumental in completing the 2.0 product testing standard for the US and Asian Markets of the computer USB A/B Cable connector for the USB Consortium (which included, Intel, Microsoft, Lucent, HP, Philips, & NEC, companies... I think that's enough...LOL... and to think I'm only 25 years old.....lol...just kidding.  I'm 58....Oh, did I mention I have done standup comedy and written comedic roast parties in rhyming character attacks
If you stop and talk to a man who is not worth talking to, you are wasting your time...however, if you don't stop and talk to a man who is worth talking to, you are also wasting your time.  Therefore, stop and talk to everyone.  You learn from the good and learn from the bad.  It enhances the paths and decisions you make in life.
My current goal:  Staying alive as long as I can.
Coming soon, our website:  keeperofthestones.net
Wirewrapped jewelry, wire gemstone trees, canes & walking sticks among other misc. items

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