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Hello All,
As you can see by my current number of published content, I am a new writer to infobarrel.  I, like many others, enjoy writing about many different topics.  Especially, those that draw on my personal interests as well as some of my past career fields.
Currently, I am an IT professional but have held positions in many other industries like retail music, mortgage loan origination, and auto sales.  I was also a slave to the kitchen for many years serving as an Executive Chef for restaurant and hotel chains. So, you'll probably see some food articles coming in the future.
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What do you want to see?
by grayrabbit
9 years ago
Community Service: More Than Just Helping Out

Neighborhood service hours refer to doing a thing beneficial to the neighborhood. There are many people associated with different aspects of community development. People full of philanthropic feelings are individuals who work hard for the far betterment of the neighborhood regardless of race, customs, traditions and religion.

Home & Garden
by grayrabbit
9 years ago
An Easy Way of Getting Your Home Ready for a Summer Sale

Summer time is one of the prime seasons to sell a single family home. With falling values across the nation it is imperative that you make the home as desirable as possible to a potential buyer for higher sale prices. Here is one of the most overlooked improvements that will add value to the price and improve the curb appeal.

Business & Money
by grayrabbit
9 years ago
Employee Benefit Number 105: Free Coffee

Even though the job market today is highly competitive and unemployment rates are high one of the most overlooked employee benefits offered is the coffee service at the office. Whether you have been at your job for 25 years or are in the process of selecting the right company to spend 8 or more hours each day; take a look at what they offer by way of coffee service. Even if you don't drink coffee it could be a hidden benefit to you as you will soon discover.

by grayrabbit
9 years ago
Have you freed yourself from vacuum cleaner bags forever?

Being a slave to vacuum cleaner manufacturers can now be a thing of the past. Free yourself from the force of the comeback while having to purchase replacement vacuum cleaner bags. Go bag-less!

by grayrabbit
9 years ago
How to Cook Spaghetti Squash Correctly

Knowing how to cook spaghetti squash won't be a great mystery with these techniques and tips at your disposal. You undoubtedly have seen them in the supermarket lying in the produce section of variety squashes. But you probably felt a little intimidated on the preparation of such a seemingly exotic vegetable.

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