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Mike and Friends

What can I say, I love to write!  I  love literature and have written many papers on a diverse sampling of authors and genres.

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What do you want to see?
by Mike and Friends
9 years ago
The Death Penalty

This article discusses the death penalty and how religious ideology shapes modern perceptions of it. This article suggests I approve of the death penalty, but I do not. This essay was written to look at both sides.

by Mike and Friends
9 years ago
Why Breastfeeding is Beneficial to Newborn Babies

This article summarizes the benefits of breastfeeding as provided by a recent World Health Organization document.

by Mike and Friends
9 years ago
Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things: Two Tropes

This essay explores Roy's writing style, specifically her use of colors and scene in her vivid prose to create unforgettable people and places in her novel The God of Small Things.

by Mike and Friends
9 years ago
Can Educating Parents Have an Impact on Whether Children Receive Their Immunizations?

This article explores what nurses should know when teaching parents about the safety of immunizations as related to autism.

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