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I'm an experienced Science teacher who teaches 11-18 year old students.  I enjoy games, singing, listening to speeded up podcasts (there's just so much to listen to) and writing.  My links to Amazon will be affiliate links.  I will gain a commission if you buy products from Amazon from my links.  This will not cost you anything extra.  If you do by products from my links, thankyou very much for your support.  
I was introduced to Infobarrel by Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income blog.  I can't recommend his blog and podcast enough.
My obsession is gamebook writing and analysis.  Check out my social media pages:
Lloyd of Gamebooks blog - my comments and analysis of the gamebook.
Lloyd of Gamebooks Facebook page
Lone Tiger Gamebook Reviews - reviews of obscure and amateur gamebooks.
My Twitter feed
My LinkedIn profile

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