Black and Decker has produced some of the most amazing landscaping tools over the last decade, and have become well known for the positive brand reputability that they have built up! However, this statement shouldn’t be enough of a reason for you to go out and buy a hedge trimmer that was made by Black and Decker. You should be looking for a multitude of reasons and statements rather than solely one! That is exactly what I am here to do...provide you with a variety of reasons for you to consider a Black and Decker trimmer as one of your next home landscaping purchases.

One of these will serve you well whether you are trying to give you home some more curb appeal or start up a professional landscaping company!

The Warranty On Black And Decker Landscaping Tools Is Phenomenal

Black and Decker’s warranty system can be defined in one word...AMAZING! The company offers a 1 year, 2 year, or lifetime warranty on all of their products (depending on which of the products that you have purchased).

The most amazing thing about their warranty system and customer support is that they will refund/exchange/fix the product without asking any questions (as long as the damage was not caused by misuse or negligence).

This means that you can actually get a brand new hedge trimmer if it stops working within the first year or two! You may think that two years isn’t a long time for a warranty on a hedge trimmer; however, it is more than enough time for you to determine whether or not there is something wrong with the landscaping tool that you have purchased.

Put it this way, you will know whether you have bought a lemon or not within the first year or two!

These warranties are very intriguing and provide the purchaser with a great deal of security in what they have bought. Be sure to check out the Black and Decker hedge trimmers on Amazon if you are interested in buying a landscaping tool with one of the best warranties on the market!

Hedge Trimmers By Black And Decker Offer Dual Blade Action

Many homeowners are under the false impression that dual blades on hedge trimmers are a gimmick that the companies use to charge more money for their landscaping tools; however, professional landscapers will definitely beg to differ.

Not only do the dual blades on these hedge trimmers allow you to shape your hedges with either side of the machine, but they also reduce the vibration that the machine produces. People that landscaped their hedges in the 1980’s will definitely complain about the amount of shaking and vibrating that their tool produced; however, modern innovation has allowed this to be reduced by up to 40% when hedge trimmers include two sets of blades!

Although B&D offers dual blade hedge trimmers, there are also many other companies that do too! Check out all of the dual blade trimmers to find one that suits your budget.

Should You Buy A Corded, Cordless, Or Gas Trimmer By Black And Decker?

This has been a long time debate with regards to every single landscaping tool that has been released. People have been wondering whether to buy a corded, cordless, or gas powered tool with regards to everything from lawn mowers to leaf blowers!

The benefits are relatively simple, and I’ll outline them below:

Corded Trimmer: The main benefit of buying one of Black and Decker’s corded hedge trimmers is the fact that you don’t have to waste time charging a battery or spend money on filling it up with gas. With that being said, you are basically restricted to the length of your extension cord, and inherit the risk of actually cutting the cord with the trimmer if you are not careful.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer: The most obvious benefit to battery powered landscaping tools is the fact that you can use them on a mobile basis; you are not restricted to an extension cord length or having a power outlet at all! The downside is that they lack the power that corded and gas powered trimmers possess.

Hedge Trimmers With Gas Engines: These are ideal for professional landscapers because the gas powered engine allows them to trim the hedges of up to 10 houses on a single tank! They also possess a ton of power, and are able to cut through the thickest hedge branches that they will encounter. 

There are literally hundreds of landscaping tools that will help you to give your home the curb appeal that you desire. You can use anything from lawn mowers to leaf blowers, and even lawn edgers; however, a Black and Decker hedge trimmer is practically a must for getting the fine lines and smooth curves in your hedges! They will get the job done properly, are priced affordable, and are backed by fantastic warranties. What more could you ask for?