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Social media websites, where communication revolves around user-generated content, is the latest and greatest thing to hit the web.  These websites allow you to any subject into a social conversation – a tweet about your day, a debate over the latest baseball game, or a video of your dog's newest trick for the whole world to see – its all fodder for the world to talk about.

Social media hasn't just changed the way we communication but also how we plan events.  Teens plan their parties via Facebook and local PTA groups organized their bake sales on their blog.  Some couples are using social media to plan their wedding! 

According to surveys done by wedding websites, The Knot and Brides, more and more couples are turning to the web, and more specifically social media, to help find the right dress, hunt down and organize vendors, and communicate with their bridal party and guests. 

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Many brides swear by this great planning tool – could you be one of them?  Here are some tips for using Social Media to help plan your wedding:


You can use Twitter as a way to communicate with your techno-savvy friends and family about the wedding.  Use a unique hashtag, like #lastnamewedding, to ensure that those who need to know can find the information easily.

Twitter is also a great way to find vendors in your area.  Many wedding planners, florists, and artists, some traditional and some non-traditional, are using Twitter to hoc their wares and attract new clients. 

You'll also find all sorts of free resources on Twitter.  Just do a search for the #wedding hashmark and you'll get a wide array of ideas and websites to help you with your wedding planning. 

Twitter is also the one-stop shop for wedding advice.  Want someone's opinion on your tablecloth colors?  Ask your followers on Twitter!  Are you looking for a specific chair cover or bridesmaid's dress?  Tweet your question with a good hashmark (like #wedding) and you'll get answers from all over the world.

Social Networking Websites (Facebook, Google+, MySpace, etc.)

Many people use Facebook to play games and keep in contact with their old friends from high school but did you know that you can use it to communicate about your up-and-coming wedding?  Facebook has what they call "groups" which allows a group of people to interact with one another. 

You can use your wedding group to update guests about the event, upload pictures of the venue or a copy of the menu (for those that may have food allergies), hotel and attraction information, last-minute changes, and weather updates. 

Some couples set up two groups – one for guests and another for the bridal party – so Uncle Joe doesn't have to hear about tablecloth colors and favors.  Best of all, groups can be made "private" and "invite only" so your wedding plans can remain a secret.

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Wedding Website

If Facebook's groups do not suit your needs or a majority of your guests are not Facebook-savvy, then maybe a simple wedding website will work for you. 

Don't worry – you don't have to know anything about computers or websites to make a simple wedding page.  There are many companies out there that provide free wedding websites for your use – you just have to do a search on Google to find them. 

A wedding website will not only provide the basic information about the event, like place and time, but have links to pictures, maps, menus, and maybe even a tool to allow your guests to easily submit their RSVP.  You can also include your registry information on your website – this method is considered to be less "tacky" than including a note in the invitation.


You may not thing so but the video sharing website, YouTube, is another form of social media.  You can include far-flung family in the pre-wedding celebrations by posting videos of your bridal shower, engagement party, or bachelorette party.  If your bridesmaids are far away, you could send them links to videos of your bridal gown, their dresses, and different aspects of the wedding plans that they should know about. 

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Photo-Sharing Websites (Like Flickr and PhotoBucket)

Photo-sharing websites allow you to upload and share digital photos - anytime, anywhere.  Maybe you're at the bridal store, picking out your gown, and want your maid of honor's opinion but she lives on the other side of the country.  You can have someone snap pictures of you in each dress with their cell phone and post it on the site so she can give her opinion right away.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use Social Media to help plan your wedding.  You don't have to do all of them – including just a couple could make your life easier and ensure the best wedding day ever for you and your new spouse.