The Russian serial rapist and killer Valery Asratyan visually appears to be similar to one of the many sexual deviants in the United States who turned to killing their victims; however, the deviancy of Valery Asratyan can be argued that he was one of the sickest people in modern history.

Valery Asratyan did not have a desire to kill. What set Valery Asratyan apart was that he had the desire to keep from getting caught after baiting, drugging, and then raping his victims. In the early days he would release his young victims after raping them. He would render the young girls unconscious and then rape them, sometimes for days at a time, before he would drop them off and let them go free. Valery Asratyan only turned to murder to help cover up his crimes.

Valery Asratyan was known by the nickname of “The Director”. He received this name because he would pose as film director Svetoslav Chaplygin in order to gain the trust of the young women and bait them back to his home. Asratyan even had a fake identification card showing that he was indeed film director Svetoslav Chaplygin, at least that is what many of the young girls thought.

The spelling of his name is also done as in English as Asratyan, but the correct spelling and translation of his name his spelled Asratyan.

The Early Years of Valery Asratyan


In 1958 Valery Asratyan was born Yerevan, Armenia. Yerevan is best known to outsiders as the home to the magnificent Mount Arafat. Mount Arafat is the symbol recognized around the World as the sybol of armenia. Mount arafat clearly visible from the City of Yerevan because they sit so close to this mountain. Mount Arafat dominates the natural scene for the residents of Yerevan and it was in the backdrop of this Mountain that Valery Asratyan was born. Many Christians believe that Mount Arafat is where Noah’s Ark came to rest. There have been numerous excursions of people searching for remnants of Noah’s Ark there.

Asratyan could have grown up to be someone interested in archaeology, but instead, Asratyan grew up to be a sexual predator who preyed on young girls, and there was no Chris Hansen around to save the day. Many sex offenders who become serial killers often blame their childhood for it. It is common for sexual predators and serial killers to have been abused as a child. Both sexual abuse as well as physical and mental abuses as a child are often triggers in these sociopaths. Unlike many other sociopaths, Valery Asratyan was not raised in a home where he was abused.

Although Valery Asratyan was not bused by his parents, he did have a very active interest in sex at a young age. Starting when Valery Asratyan was in kindergarten he would play “Doctor” with girls. Playing Doctor always seemed to end with the girl getting her clothes took off and Valery Asratyan feeling her body. Valery Asratyan liked to play Doctor. Playing Doctor in the sexually charged manner at a young age is often seen as one of the leading causes of what led to a deeper aggression towards women when he was older. It was at the tender age of 5-6 that he began separating little girls from other people so he could be alone with them and touch their body by playing Doctor.

Although he was playing a lot of Doctor from the time he was a young child, he did not have his first sexually experience with a partner until he was 13 years old. His partner was an older girl of 15. Valery Asratyan went on to have many sexual partners when he was young. Many of these he simply gave and received oral sex because of the girl’s fear of getting pregnant and he also preferred oral sex over regular sex.

Valery Asratyan went onto become very interested in Sociology when he was in school. The interest in Psychology was so strong that he enrolled and was accepted at the Armenian Pedagogical Institute. At the Armenian Pedagogical Institute his Major was 'preschool psychology and his minor was pedagogy.

Pedagogy is basically the study of how young people gather skills at life. The word Pedagogy comes from the Greek language and when the word is translated it means “to lead the child”. In effect, Asratyan had already been in positions where he had “led the child” and young teens into sexual acts with him. Asratyan was now 18 years old but his ideal sexual partner would remain young girls.

Asratyan would continue to have an ongoing fascination with young girls. Asratyan was very sexually aroused by young girls and his ideal sexual partner was 10-14 years old. While attending the Armenian Pedagogical Institute most of his sexual partners were relatively the same age as he was; however the thrill of receiving oral sex from a 10 year old never left him. The problem for Asratyan is that he was no longer 10-14 years old but still craved sexual activity with girls in this age range.

During this period Asratyan also read the World Famous book Lolita. Reading the book Lolita allowed Asratyan to gather many parallels between himself and the main character in the book. The rush of sexual activity with young girls was getting to seem harder to come by. Asratyan was still young, but not young enough to be able to find young girls 10-14 who would be willing to fool around with him sexually.

In 1980 Asratyan graduated from the Pedagogy College and went to work for a boarding school for children with disabilities. Many of the students had either cerebral palsy or polio. The cerebral palsy girls looked especially attractive to Asratyan because they seemed like they would be easy targets.

His actions at the boarding school remain clouded in history. Many of his potential victims were not in a position to speak out against him. If any students did report Asratyan for sexually molesting them it was most likely that Asratyan was simply forced to leave because it would have been very bad for the image of the boarding school to have had an authority figure such as Asratyan to be found publically to have had sex with young girls that had cerebral palsy.

Regardless of if Asratyan took advantage of this situation with the young handicapped girls remains unknown; however, in all likelihood Asratyan probably did at least fondle the young girls because after about a year there Asratyan moved to a new City.

It was 1981 when Asratyan got married and moved to Moscow, Russia. The Soviet Union was still intact. At the time the Soviet Union was still at the height of the Cold War with America. Asratyan could have gone on to have a normal life at this point. He was college educated, had a wife, and even though it was the center of Cold-Era Soviet Union he moved to, there were still a lot of opportunities for him to have a solid future.

Criminal Record and Arrests

In 1982 Asratyan was caught and found guilty of sexually abusing a young girl. He was sentenced to prison and after serving a couple of years in prison he was released in 1984. In 1985 Asratyan was once again arrested for the same crime of sexual abuse of a minor. He completed his sentence in 1987 and moved away from Moscow. In 1988 he once again returned to Moscow but his wife wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

The Reign of Terror

Asratyan met another woman named Marina Aghayeva and married her. While having sex with his new wife he was also sexually active with her 14 year old daughter. Asratyan was now having sex with his wife and her 14 year old daughter and it looks like he may have married this woman simply so he had access to her young daughter. He also incorporated the help of Marina Aghayeva and her 14 year old daughter to help him recruit girls for adult movies. Marina Aghayeva and her daughter seemingly believed he was an adult movie director and they were helping him to recruit new talent for the next film. Although Marina Aghayeva may have been ill-informed in the beginning, she took on an active role. Asratyan would drug the girls and then Aghayeva and her daughter would help clean the girl up, prepare her for sex, and other things associated with raping a drugged out schoolgirl.

Asratyan would also take any money and valuables that his female victims had and then use that to fund his future attacks on other young girls.

Fake ID “The Director”

Asratyan created a fake identification card that looked very real, especially to girls who were just hitting puberty. The identification card had his name as Svetoslav Chaplygin. Svetoslav Chaplygin was a famous filmmaker in Russia.

Using his experience from working at the boarding house Asratyan gathered antipsychotic drugs and tranquilizers. Asratyan used these 2 drugs in tandem to create the ultimate date rape drug. The purpose of these drugs combined was to render his victim unconscious while he raped them. He would usually just give the victim a couple of pills and ask them to take them so they would have a “clear head”.

Asratyan would be shooting the women with video. These young girls thought that he truly was the famous movie director and they were willing to do a lot of stuff to impress him and keep their hopes alive of being a movie actress.

Asratyan began to meet his victims at numerous different spots around Moscow. One of his favorite places to meet young girls to rape was at a store called “Children’s World”. Asratyan took the name of the store to heart as he basically shopped for children and young teens there.

The ploy used by Asratyan was to introduce himself as the famous movie director Svetoslav Chaplygin and explain that he was looking for actresses for a new movie he was about to film. The girls would obviously be interested that this “famous movie director” was interested in making them a famous actress. Asratyan would convince the girls that he was interested in them being in his new movie and that the movie would be filmed in some exotic location such as Paris. Here these young Russian girls though their dreams were about to become true. In realty their day was about to become a nightmare.

Asratyan also had assistance from his wife and her daughter. By Asratyan being in public with his wife who he said was his “assistant” and then his stepdaughter the potential victims felt more at ease. No way could this be a pervert looking to rape me the girls would think because he has a female assistant and another young actress with him. This is the real thing and they victims all believed initially that he truly was a famous movie director.

Initially Asratyan would simply coax the young girls back to his home and then offer them a drink. Inside of the drink he would place the drug cocktail which caused the girls to become unconscious. While the girls were unconscious Asratyan would rape them repeatedly. Sometimes this would go on for 2-3 days at a time.

As with most girls under the influence of a date rape pill, the girls would remember brief sporadic moments of the terror yet were unable to act or do anything. Later when Asratyan was done ravaging their bodies he would drop them off and leave them in a public place. The girls would finally would wake up and not know exactly what had occurred; however, the girls would know they were raped because of the pain they would feel and they would know it was the man they met who they thought was a famous movie director. Each victim has a slightly different account but all of the victims agreed that Asratyan has said he was the famous movie director Svetoslav Chaplygin and that he had offered them a part in a film. All of the early victims also believed that they had actually been filmed, unfortunately they were acutely aware they were filmed being raped and not as part of a famous movie.

Asratyan ended up raping over a dozen different girls using the same Modus operandi to bait the girls into his home. What changed was that Asratyan was afraid of getting caught, so he decided to begin killing his victims. A dead victim would keep him safer from getting caught. Asratyan apparently only killed 3 girls, but the number could have been higher.

Asratyan would keep the young girls in his apartment often for a few days while repeatedly using these young girls as his sex dolls. When Asratyan was sexually drained and bored of the girls he would then kill off the girl and abandon the body. Each time he killed a young girl he used a different method. Asratyan was a highly intelligent individual and he wanted to ensure that the police would not suspect a “Serial Killer”. Most killers use the same method of killing their victims but Asratyan reasoned that if he killed each girl and disposed of their body in a different manner that the police investigators would not realize that each death was related to the same murderer.

The first girl Asratyan killed was from an intentional overdose of the date rape drugs he used on her. After he overdosed her and died he carried her dead boy to the train station and sat her on a bench. The second girl was unconscious when Asratyan took her into the bathtub and drowned her.

One of the earlier victims that Asratyan raped but then released without killing remembered more of the events that occurred then did the other victims. Most of the victims remembered bits and pieces of things that had occurred but not able to give a full description of anything. This particular girl told investigators about how she was raped by a man whom she had met at the store and told the police what ruse he had used. The investigators now knew the general area of where their suspect liked meet girls at. The girl also remembered which neighborhood that he lived in. This information and the pieces of information that the other victims could remember were pieced together by investigators. This was enough information that allowed the investigators to narrow in and focus on the area. The investigators now had a sketch of what the girl’s rapist looked like.

The investigators were able to narrow in on Asratyan and they began to investigate him heavily, while still remaining covert. Investigators still did not know who the rapist was but they knew that he said he worked for Mosfilm and the investigators also had a rough idea of what he looked like. Numerous investigators hung out in the areas that the rape victims had reported they met him at. He watched by watched for heavily by investigators. Young women were organized to hang out in the areas that Asratyan like to frequent. It was just a matter of time and Asratyan was arrested. It did take a awhile though and even as young girls working undercover for the police were hanging out in areas the rapist like to meet women at including the Children’s Store the victims continued to grow. Police struggled to find the rapist. How many murders actually occurred and how many rape victims never reported the crime out of shame remains unknown.

Asratyan was ultimately charged with 3 murders and over 10 rapes. Asratyan was sentenced to death. He appealed for clemency but was denied. Asratyan was shot to death by order of the court. Although Asratyan was not born in Russia, he moved to Moscow and spent most of his adult years living in Russia. Asratyan is considered one of the most notorious child molesters and serial killers ever in Russia. Asratyan did not rape as many women as other rapists have and Asratyan did not kill near as many people as other famous Russian serial killers but his modus operandi of targeting nubile girls by posing as a famous movie director helps to make Valery Asratyan one of the most notorious criminals ever in modern Russia.

When Valery Asratyan was arrested he seemingly talked openly with investigators about the crimes he committed; however, it appears as if he may not have been a forthright as investigators initially thought. He talked openly about crimes he committed yet there were other murders that occurred in the Moscow area at the time that could easily have been done by Valery Asratyan, yet there has never been any overwhelming proof brought to the table and Valery Asratyan never admitted to these murders.

Valery Asratyan was able to use his psychology training to learn how to get strangers to open up and become comfortable around him. Asratyan targeted girls that came into Moscow from the surrounding area. These girls were not as familiar with the City and tended to be more naïve then the girls who grew up living in the City of Moscow.

The Bloodline Does Not End

Although Asratyan is now dead, he did get one of his victims pregnant. She was afraid to tell her parents what happened. She felt gullible that she had fell for some a stupid story. She was raped repeatedly and then when she finally was released she awoke to shame. Initially she did not tell her parents or the police what had happened. She finally realized she was pregnant and told her parents what happened. The parents took this young girl to the Doctor for an abortion but the Doctor was not legally allowed to give an abortion because the fetus was so far along. Even Soviet era Russian Doctors did not like to perform abortions on developed fetuses. The young rape victims had the child of her attacker. Somewhere in Russia is a young man or woman who is the product of a vicious rape and attack by Valery Asratyan. Valery Asratyan is now dead but his direct bloodline is still alive. Hopefully the child that was conceived did not get the crazy psychotic DNA gene from his father. I feel bad for this child and the mother. How do you explain or what do you say to your son or daughter when they ask about “Who is my daddy and where is my dad at?”

In 1991 the Soviet Union Collapsed. In the 1992 Valery Asratyan was shot and killed for his crimes. In the United States and Russia we often look back on the Cold war with fondness. We have an affinity for familiar things from when we were younger. Although the United States and Russia can look back on the Cold War with affinity, there is definitely no affinity for Valery Asratyan. The Russian legal system yelled “cut “ on “The Director” and he was killed but there were still other perverts and murderers roaming the streets of Moscow at the time. Serial killers are a never-ending story in our culture.