We all know vanilla's taste and aroma – it's widely used in the cooking industry. If you would like to, you can use vanilla essential oil yourself, either as a flavoring or in aromatherapy. Both of these uses are for your benefit. In case of using vanilla ethereal oil as a seasoning you'll get a great flavor and aroma. In the other case you can get certain benefits from using this essential oil in aromatherapy. Let's start by discussing what vanilla volatile oil really is.


Vanilla essential oil

Vanilla is a very expensive flavoring agent because, according to Wikipedia[3027] , growing the vanilla seed pods is labor-intensive. Flowers of the plant have to be hand-pollinated. The oil itself is extracted from the plant by solvent extraction of a substance that is obtained from fermented vanilla beans.


Vanilla essential oil benefits and uses

There are many areas where you can benefit from vanilla essential oil. Let's discuss the most important ones.


Antioxidant properties

Antioxidant is, according to Wikipedia[3028], a substance that's capable of suppressing the oxidation of other substances. Oxidation process may produce free radicals, which cause damage or even death to cells. Healthy body is capable of replicating cells very quickly so the oxidation process is mostly neutralized by our body automatically. The older and weaker (that's important) we get, the weaker self-defence mechanisms of our body become. That's the moment when free radicals (and oxidation of course) becomes a treat. Vanilla essential oil as an antioxidant helps us with neutralizing free radicals which is a major advantage of this substance. Because of the antioxidant properties, vanilla volatile oil is often classified as anticarcinogen. That's because the mentioned earlier free radicals can cause some types of cancer such as colon cancer or prostate cancer.



Have you ever eaten something sweet just because you were feeling down? Many people have a need to eat something when they're depressed. That's perfectly normal because our subconscious mind knows that this will immediately cheer us up. The same goes with vanilla, that's why some people eat vanilla ice cream when they're sad. After the first few bites everything starts to look different – your mood goes up and your sadness is fading away. I'm not saying that vanilla essential oil is the perfect cure for depression, but if you're feeling sad, it's definitely worth a try.



Vanilla essential oil is described as an aphrodisiac but, according to Wikipedia[3027], it's hard to find any scientific evidence of this property. Please bear in mind that it's hard to find any scientific proof of aromatherapy's effectiveness , that's why it's an alternative form of medicine. Nevertheless, it can be used in aromatherapy to treat problems such as loss of libido, impotency or erectile dysfunction. Vanilla essential oil stimulates glands that produce estrogen (woman) or testosterone (man). Estrogen and testosterone are hormones that intensify sexual drive of both men and women.


Sedative and relaxing properties

This ethereal oil soothes any inflammations or hyperactivity that's going on in the body. The mentioned symptoms may affect circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system or even digestive system. If you suffer from fever, stress or convulsions, vanilla essential oil should be of a help for you. This essential oil has relaxing properties so it'll calm down your anger and relieve your anxiety. Because of the mentioned properties, it can be used as a tranquilizer. If you can't get to sleep – vanilla oil should help you. Please bear in mind that it's not a remedy for insomnia.


How you can use vanilla essential oil

There are a few ways how you can use this ethereal oil. Feel free to choose a way that is appropriate to you.

Aerial diffusion

If you would like to smell the sweet succulent fragrance of vanilla, aerial diffusion is the mode of application that's the best for you. You can use a diffuser or a mist spray - pour water into the vessel and add a few drops of vanilla volatile oil. If you've got a mist spray, you can apply that mixture to your body – vanilla's fragrance will be with you for some time. You can also pour a couple drops into your bath – you'll surely smell that delightful vanilla's scent.


Topical application

Vanilla essential oil can be also used in massages. Before using it in a massage you should learn a little about carrier oils (like jojoba oil or grapeseed oil).You should dilute the vanilla oil in a carrier oil and then rub the substance into the skin. Vanilla is also used in many cosmetics like body soaps, lotions or body scrubs. You can easily find some recipes for body scrubs with vanilla on the Internet. Feel free to experiment with vanilla ethereal oil on your own – I encourage you to come up with your own recipes!


Use it as a flavoring agent

Vanilla is often associated with flavoring food, especially vanilla ice creams mentioned earlier. You can use it as a flavoring agent. Please remember that essential oils are highly concentrated so a drop or two should be sufficient. As I've outlined earlier vanilla-flavored food should cheer you up and help you look at your day from a better perspective. Just don't eat too much of vanilla flavored foods at once!



Please bear in mind that vanilla essential oil shouldn't be eaten directly. It's a very concentrated substance and direct consumption might cause a desensitizing effect to both your throat and tongue. Of course that doesn't mean that you can't use a few drops of vanilla oil to flavor your meals. Because of the mentioned effect, you should remember to keep the substance somewhere where it is not within children's reach.



Vanilla ethereal oil has many uses. You can use it as a flavoring agent or as a multipurpose substance in aromatherapy. As I've discussed earlier, vanilla essential oil has many benefits and uses. If you've got a spare bottle of this substance, I hope that now you know how you can benefit from this oil.