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How To Boost Your Immune System

Best Ways To Strengthen The Immune System

Boosting the immune system is vital to living a long, happy, enjoyable life. In this age, people are becoming sicker, susceptible to more illness and disease than ever before in history. Someone may ask, “why do I get sick all the time?” Having a low immune system is the primary culprit for most colds and flu’s today. Before focusing on building the immune system, it becomes necessary to look at what is causing the problem in the first place. Let's take a look at what can affect the immune system.

Foods Consumed:

What goes into the body has monumental implications both positive and negative. The analogy of a car is excellent, visualize a race-car equipped with the highest grade fuel, best synthetic oil and top quality parts. The car is going to perform on all cylinders have longer life and be able to take a little bit of a beating. Now, if using the same car and you substitute with low quality fuel, oil, and bargain bin parts and try to perform like the first car, significant problems will arise. The same applies to the body.

Immune System Strategy:

With the example of the car the body can benefit in the same way, rather than using gasoline, oil and parts, humans can use food. As science progresses, they can see that foods do have health benefits. Eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and seeds help to create the back-bone of the immune system and technology has developed methods in extracting nutrients from foods to provide the best nutrient-dense meals possible. 


As many know, popping pills has become general practice but the truth is it masks the symptoms and does not aid in strengthening immune health. The body is designed to repair itself, by eliminating the natural course of restoration, people are in able to fight off 99% of viruses in the air. Nonprescription/prescription medications can have dangerous and absurd side effects and also, medications can be harmful in the digestion stage and difficult to process. If the illness is severe, consider seeing a naturopath or holistic doctor to seek natural remedies.

Immune System Building:

Eliminating unnecessary medications can improve building the immune system. Letting the body conduct its natural repair cycle will allow establish resistance to unwanted guests.


Moving the body is essential to creating a foundation that allows the immune system to thrive. Many individuals do not get the amount of exercise needed in a given day, let alone a week. It is necessary to move the body every day, even if it is just a simple walk for 30 minutes.

Immune System Recovery:

Illness penetrates weak immune systems, when not moving the body as nature intended the ease at which one can become a victim of flu’s and colds increases. Participating in cardiovascular and strength training 3-5 times a week allows us to think clearly, be more productive, and enhance creativity.


Many people may turn their nose or foo-foo at this concept, but it is at the core of creating ultimate immunity. If someone feels stressed, depressed or has a negative Nancy approach, this can be correlated with a weak immune system. In some cases, one may see this as their biggest challenge but altering the thought pattern can drastically influence the immune system.

Immune System Restoration:

Thoughts are the little cogs that make the big wheels turn and help to reduce stress. By shifting your attitude to happiness, joy and positivity; minimizes illness and disease in the body. Engaging the body in deep breathing, yoga and meditation produces an alkaline state for the body. Also, participating in fun activities such as, drawing, playing an instrument, creating with their hands or enjoying a hobby.

Immune System Regime: 

Start off with some cleanses, this is the cornerstone to building a healthy immune system because they: eliminate toxins, blockages, and parasites out of the body, allowing nutrients to be absorbed efficiently. Cleanses can be found at the local health-food store, internet, and even at the grocery store.

I hoped everyone enjoyed this article and can see results that enhance the quality of their life. I would love to hear how some of these strategies have helped you in the comments.

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