We all need money. Isn't that why we work? Well, you are probably half right.

We work to get paid. Whether it is through salary, crime, passive income, startups or taking a sheet of paper (like my kid brother) and designing currency with a box of crayons (that is still work, I think), we get paid with physical or electronic money (I remember giving him a little something).

The next question to ask becomes the real motive behind gaining money. What would you use that sheet of paper for?

What is Wealth?

Wealth is not the same thing as money. They may be close friends, but they are not the same. Wealth is far older than money. Ants have wealth. Fish in the sea have wealth. Wealth is the elementary thing. It is the foundation on which money was invented. Let's make wealth money's great grandfather's boss. You'll get me in moment.

Let me first share with you my simple definition for wealth. Wealth is what people want. Wealth can be anything such as food, water, shelter, cars, clothes, electronics, being able to travel wherever you want, your partner's engagement ring etc. It is basically the stuff you want.

Think about it for a moment. You can actually have wealth without having money. If you have a farm that produces lots of food, cattle for meat, a nice borehole giving out good water, and a machine that can produce anything you wanted in a heartbeat, you wouldn't need money, would you?

Look at it from another standpoint. Let's say you're in a desert. There's no food, no water; nothing. All you have is a million dollars in your briefcase. If there's nothing to buy, it wouldn't matter how much money you have. It becomes totally useless. You need wealth, not money.

Why Money Then?

Why then is money important? Why is everyone trying so hard to make money?

This is because wealth is not always the same in everyone's eyes. This was the reason barter trade was invented in ancient times. One guy is a vegetable farmer who wants some eggs to make a good stew. Another guy rears fowls. He needs vegetables to make good food too. Wealth is stuff we want. This means the vegetable farmer's wealth lies in the farm of the fowl farmer and vice versa. What do they need to do to get what they both want? Trade wealth.

What if the neighbor of the vegetable farmer was a builder instead. He makes bricks. If that builder wants food from the farmer, he needs to give the farmer something he wants in return. Now, what if the farmer doesn't want bricks? You can see how this can get frustrating really fast. This is where money comes in.

Money is a channel through which wealth can be moved or traded. It's a way of moving wealth from one person to another. Most of the things you need are not necessarily made by you. Someone made them. If you want a boat, pizza, jewelry or a new pair of clothes, you would have to get them from someone else. Since you don't necessarily have what the other person wants in return, a better medium of exchange was needed. That exchange is what we call money.

Money was meant to be a medium of exchange that was pretty rare and easy to move about. It started out as metals such as gold, silver, bronze etc. However, recently it's been simplified to a rare piece of paper we call currency - the dollar, pound etc. In recent times such as where we are now, we don't always get to see the physical cash. We see numbers go up and down in our bank accounts on our phones and laptops.

Money helps make trade easy. That's all money is for. It's an intermediary for the very thing people want - wealth. The real question is not how to make money. It defeats the purpose. The real question is: How can you make wealth?

Give People What They Want

What Businesses really do is make wealth. They give people what they want. That's should be your mindset for starters. How you give can people what they want. When you do so they give you value in return. Value can be anything - credentials, help, favor, larger audience etc. The most accepted value is money. Find out what a specific niche of people want, and provide it for them for a value. That is how you make wealth. That's what you want. That is what everyone wants too.