Wedding is the beginning of a new life together and the end of celibacy. A lot of people confuse wedding with marriage when in fact the concepts are different. Wedding is about protocol, tradition and only lasts a few hours or days. Marriage on the other hand is a more serious business. You are in a marriage from the long haul. Why is wedding so important? The notion of wedding implies continuity of life and tradition. It is a moment of enormous joy for the bride and the groom. It is a moment of bride for the parents of the bride and the groom. It is an opportunity or an excuse to have a party. It is the moment other singleton wait for to find a future partner. It is a day of jealousy for those who have not being able to find a soul mate. It is a time of great expense and enormous stress. It is the culminating moment of many months or years of wrangling and organization. The idea is to sit down and brainstorm and figure out the perfect wedding.

No matter what the wedding protocols are where you live, the main idea is the same. Wedding is the union of two individuals in what is called holy matrimony. If you were to live in a country like France, you will have to go to the town hall to officially celebrate you wedding. If you are a believer, you will then make your way to the church for the spiritual side of your union. Once that is over, you usually party until the wee hours. The official celebration itself is about 30 minutes long. If other couple are getting married that same day, you might even get less pampering. It will feel like a factory. You step in, sign a few documents, share a kiss and you step out. A lot of you guest would hate to have to sit through a long winded official ceremony. For the most part, they just want to get to the party. Wedding is synonymous to party and not the union of two people in love and wanting to live together happily and forever. For example in other parts of the world, how are weddings celebrated? Some people go to places like Las Vegas to celebrate their weddings. It is quick and to the point. Most didn't have to think twice about the decision. One moment you are single and the next you are married. They might reason, why go through the hassle and heartache of tradition weddings? It is a valid question when you consider what people get up to before and during their wedding. Some people have even devised other wedding format like:

Double Wedding Ceremony: Some families have shared a wedding ceremony and reception between siblings in order to reduce the cost and the organizational pain. It is like killing two birds with one stone. The invitees only have to make a single journey instead of maybe coming back a month later for another wedding. On the other hand, there are the party animals that might not be happy with this type of arrangements. They might see it as missing out on an additional party.

Mass wedding: this was made popular by the Moonies. This made media headlines some years back when thousands of people gathered to be wedded on the same day at the same location. A lot of couple will not want to share their special day with thousands of unknown couples. The context of this mass wedding was religious and that might explain why so many couples participated in the wedding ceremony.

Evolution of Wedding: According bible records, God performed the first wedding ceremony when he introduced Adam to his wife Eve. Since then, wedding ceremonies has evolved and have taken on many traditions. Things that didn't exist in the first wedding that are now indispensable ( Wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding dance, wedding vacation, wedding drunks, wedding decoration, etc). If you were to think of the first couple Adam and Eve, they didn't have to worry so much about the wedding dress. It was a non issue as they were both naked. The wedding ceremony was quick. God said a few words and that was it. Wedding has moved away from being a celebration of love and life to become a huge business. Why is has it become normal to go on a honey moon?

What about the white wedding dress? It was thought that all women getting married were virgins and the white wedding dressing symbolizes purity. It was considered improper to wear a white dress on your wedding day if you are no longer a virgin. How times have evolved. You now see even pregnant women on their wedding day dressed in white. I wonder if that has to do with Immaculate Conception. Does it matter if men are virgins on their wedding day?

Humans have moved on from the humble beginnings of Adam and Eve. As a result, wedding ceremonies have evolved with the times. They have become more complicated, more expensive, more stressful and less meaningful. If you were to go by the amount of divorces, you will also conclude that the wedding day is no longer preparing the population for marriage. It is no longer a rite of passage to adulthood and responsibility. It has just become a passage to anywhere you want to go. Some consider see it as something you have to do at least once in your lifetime.

The future of Wedding: As long as there are humans on the planet, there will always be weddings. The protocols surrounding weddings as we know it are manmade. They have ensured our survival to modern times. What does the future hold? Frank Sinatra sang the song "Let's face the music and dance". The lyrics goes as follows "There may be trouble ahead, but while there's music and moonlight and love and romance, let's face the music and dance." In the words of this song, as long as we exist, we shall continue to ensure tradition goes on. We shall face the music and dance.