A bug out bag, or disaster survival kit is a bag of food and supplies that are designed to last for 72 hours. Bug out bags are designed to give you essential items to aid you in the event of an emergency if you have to leave your primary house because of a natural disaster or civil unrest.

When putting together a bug out bag most lists do a good job of listing the common things that your bug out bag should contain. These include 72 hours of food and water, a change of cloths, a knife, a first aid kit, and a way to start a fire. There are other items that you should include in your bug out bag that these lists don’t mention and you might not think of while you are putting together your disaster survival kit.

Short wave radios are compact and light enough that you can include one in your bug out bag, and you probably won’t notice it until you need it. There are models that can use batteries, some that can be charged with a built-in crank and some that come with a built-in solar cell. A radio like this can provide you with valuable information and updates during an emergency.

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Foot powder is another overlooked item. If you have to leave quickly and you don’t have access to a vehicle, then your feet become your primary source of transportation. It is very important to take care of your feet during an emergency scenario.

A small pry bar can also be a useful addition to your disaster survival kit. Even though you could use a knife as a crowbar, that is not its main use and you don’t want to risk bending or breaking your knife. Small pry bars are light and take up very little room, and they can be very useful for a variety of tasks.

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Patching material for tents and tarps can come in handy if you get a rip, or accidentally cut your tent or tarp and need to fix it. You can also use the patching material to fix other things such as a poncho, or maybe even an inflatable boat. As you can see, a patching kit can be useful for a variety of patching jobs.

A can opener is something else to add to your disaster survival kit. What could be worse than having some canned food and no way to open it? This is one of those items that most people simply won’t think about adding to their bug out bag until they need to open a can of food.

Salt, pepper and Tabasco sauce can add some flavor to food and they can make great barter items. Other items that are good to barter with include liquor, tobacco, bleach and vinegar.

These are just a few of the items that could prove to be useful and valuable additions to any bug out bag during an emergency. If you do have to evacuate your house, these things might not be missed until you need them, then it maybe to late.

The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster