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What is Body Step?

Body Step is a 60 minute pre-choreographed floor exercise class that incorporates an aerobic step. Body Step is choreographed to music and is distributed by Les Mills International, which is based in New Zealand. Les Mills International distributes many pre-choreographed workout classes, including Body Pump.

Body Step classes are performed to music and use a height adjustable step to create high-energy cardio segments. At intervals throughout the class, targeted conditioning for the legs and glutes is incorporated. Each participant chooses his or her intensity throughout the class, based on the level and speed of each track, which is cued by the instructor before each song. The class is highly interval-based, with tracks ranging in levels of intensity. The participant will receive a total-body conditioning workout by the end of a class, having reach multiple cardio peaks throughout. The class always ends with pushups, an abdominal exercise, a cooldown and stretching.

Body Step is not only a challenging cardio workout, but it also helps to improve coordination and agility, with balance and body weight exercised incorporated throughout the class. 

Body Step classes follow a set format:

Track 1: Warmup

Track 2: Step Warmup

Track 3: Step Orientation

Track 4: Step Athletic

Track 5: Mixed Strength

Track 6: Power Peak

Track 7: Step Recovery

Track 8: Party Step

Track 9: Speed Step

Track 10: Peak

Track 11: Recovery/Pushups/Abdominals

Track 12: Cooldown/Stretch

Choreography and Launches

New Body Step releases, consisting of new music and choreography, are released to health clubs and instructors on a quarterly basis. Instructors memorize the pre-choreographedexercise class via DVD, audio CD, and choreography notes. Health clubs are encouraged to throw a quarterly "launch party" when new choreography is released, to use this as an opportunity to create excitement about the classes. 

Instructor Certification

Instructors are certified in the program by attending an Instructor Certification Module, which take place periodically around the world throughout the year. At certification modules, instructors are taught proper form and technique, as well as motivational tips and Les Mills culture. Instructors are paid by the health club or gym that they work for. Health clubs that offer Body Step classes are required to pay a fee to Les Mills International to become a registered host. 


Working out in a group can provide support, accountability, and structure. The certified instructors are trained to provide enouragement and motivation, while aiding their participants in proper form and technique.