Is Tingle Tanning Lotion Safe?

How Does Tingle Help Me Tan Faster?

Tingle is a factor in some varieties of indoor tanning lotion accelerators and maximizers. It can be find in products with or without bronzers. Tingle is considered a  feature for serious tanners. It is most commonly used by and recommended for advanced tanners. However, as the technology of tanning has evolved, so has the level of tingle factor. Certain tanning bed lotion companies will label the tingle factor on a scale, for example: 1 to 50. Other companies will rate theirs on a scale of sizzle, ultra sizzle and extreme sizzle. However, no matter the amount of tingle a lotion might have, the first experience can be a quite exhilarating or unpleasant one. The more sensitive someone's skin is, usually the more unpleasant tingle tanning lotion can be. It can even cause whelps and breaking out on some people. That is why the lotion should be test on a small area at least 24 hours before using on the entire body.

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Tanning lotions that contain tingling agents are not dangerous if used properly. These lotions are professionally formulated by chemist and contain similar products that are found in muscle rubs and arthritis creams: Methyl Nicotinate, Hexyl Nicotinate and Benzyl Nicotinate. This is what gives the warming or cooling effect. Yes, some tingle lotions are warm/hot, while others are cool/cold. Some even contain a mixture of both. Kind of like Icy Hot.

Depending on the level of intensity of lotion and session at a tanning salon, a slight slap look to lobster reddening of the skin will occur. Many people confuse the reddening and tingling effect for a sun bed burn or even an allergic reaction. This reddening of the skin is caused by the increase blood flow of the body.

Skin tans by the process of the body healing damage caused by UV rays. When the skin is exposed to sunlight or artificial sunlight, melanin rises to repair the skin. Tingle tanning lotion increased the rate of blood flow, speeding up the repair of the skin. This is how tingle helps a person achieve a deeper, darker tan faster. Of course, that is when used properly.

As a person tans in an indoor tanning bed with a tingle agent, the lotion starts to take effect. Depending on lotions, many people do not feel the heat or coolness along with tingling effect until getting out of the tanning bed. It can gradually or rapidly increase or decrease in intensity. Some only lasting a few minutes and others lasting for up to 4 to 6 hours! Many tanners will start with a low level of tingler and work their way up. The body somehow builds a bit if tolerance for the lotion.

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Do not use a tanning bed lotion with tingle factors when around small children. It can rub off, and has been known to irritate children's skin extremely bad. Children have even gotten it into their little eyes. Ouch!

It should not be used on the face or in extremely sensitive areas. Some people with small sensitivity will use it on areas of the body that are not as sensitive, like the legs.

Do not wear tingling lotions in the direct sunlight. This increases the chances of getting a serious sunburn.

Always test an area a small area of skin prior to using this product on the entire body at least 24 hours in advance. If unsure, gradually begin testing small areas beginning with the legs (the less sensitive to tingle) first. If that goes well, build up gradually.

Avoid leaving the tanning bed lotion in direct sunlight or extreme heat or coldness. This can deactivate the lotion's features and effectiveness. It can also liquify and ruin the tanning lotion. This includes storing the tanning bed lotion in a car, which most people are guilty of.