The photography cliche

When do you call yourself a photographer?




Nikon D90 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera

Here comes 2012! I started seeing cameras again and the urge of being a photographer once again fired up (after 8 years of having a break)! This time, I really wanted to learn and practice photography again, but in a modern and more technical ways unlike when im still using this film camera that takes so much time in seeing the outcome of your work. Photographers today really do have an advantage when it comes to gears. While I’m dying to have this Digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera, I always see people walking down the street bringing this “thing” with them. Honestly it’s making me envious. Photography became a “CLICHE”

You can see anyone; anytime at random places bringing their own SLR’s clinging into their necks. Somehow it’s getting a little irritating; but what can I do, they can afford and they paid for what they have right that very moment. And the thing is, like me, they have the urge and drive to learn! So do I have the right to complain? Maybe personally, I do. However, my complain right now isn’t related to those who wanted to practice and learn, this complains is addressed to those who post discriminating status in their social networks stating that:

Beginners = Posers

Club members = Professionals

What an equation! If that's logic, I bet they fail. Just being the first in photography among others doesn’t make you a professional. They may be in the field for years now, but just like the others, they also started as a newbie who wanted to know the basics. I personally know some professional photographers and I admire their talents and skills, especially their ATTITUDE. When you get to know a real pro, you’ll feel comfortable with them because they won’t let you feel they’re superior over you. Instead, they will even teach you! That’s what a true professional photographer is. Unlike what I always see with those random people who have been in the field for just one or two years, yet they feel they are already superior among the others but when asks about f-stops? They don’t even know what it is; such a shame. Sometimes, being a member of a well famed club or organization is not helpful in building the right character and attitude; because sometimes, this prestige is also the reason behind a stinking attitude. I know some that gets to enter some photography clubs and that made them just boastful. The feeling of being a member of an organization gives them a feeling of comfort and a wall to rest their backs with; it gives a feeling of “I know everything”. But hey! Identifying true talent and skill’s easy as 1 2 3!

How to recognize works of bad photography behind a pro image?

  1. Gears! Yes that’s right! Bring these people in a photo exhibit and show them decent works of photography; the first thing they’ll ask is “what’s the body used in here?”. See? They don’t appreciate the technique and styles used, the first thing they thought about is the camera body used in taking the shot. The image below is taken using a Canon 1000D; by this time that kind of camera won't even be considered being bought by them. 

  2. Models! After a few shots on simple things, a sudden change of subject will be vital. From simple flowers and nature shots, let’s go to portraits of models! They shoot random models that they can hire to pose for a shot. Some models that can’t even project well in front of the camera and yet they both call themselves pro.
  3. I'll just edit later! I hate it when someone browbeat beginners. Beginners are called that way because they/we are still trying to learn the thing; so forgive them if they try to enhance their works, anyway post processing isn't only a beginner's attitude. Some people also do process photos but in a reasonable way. Don't judge the newbies if they tend to save some photos they like, don't you remember you also did that once? Cyber bullying others because of this matter is really childish; I do know some who have an "I'll just edit them later" attitude.  They consider themselves a pro but acts like a newbie. 

Why do other people call the newbie’s as wannabe?

  1. Jealousy. It’s hard to accept that sometimes, we cannot and may not get what we really want but others can. Sometimes we can’t afford some things because we’re not working hard for it. Others can buy the things that we like so let them. If they bought cameras with lavish price, it’s their money, not ours.
  2. Pride. Pride is something that we cannot take ourselves out. It is when you think there’s no other person deserving on that field but you.
  3. Competition. It’s hard to accept that some newbie’s have the potential that you don’t possess. Accepting that this person can possibly be your competition even if he’s just starting is tough.

In my perception, anyone can be a photographer but not all can stay and call themselves “professional photographers”.

Being a photographer is living with art. I believe everyone is born artistic; just in different ways. It is everyone’s right to take pictures of the moments they treasure whether the device they’re using is an SLR, iPhone, point and shoot, iPod, etc. It’s their way of capturing moments that cannot be rewinded back!

Some post process or process photographs before showing it to others. Well, it’s their way of improving their works. Using any medium of post processing is okay as long as the image isn’t overdone. If you use Instagram, that’s just fine! Everyone did try that app. How about Photoshop? Still cool. Guys, use anything you like, do anything you want to do with your art works; as long as it doesn’t leave its true essence, that will always be fine. That’s what makes a photographer or an artist, but being professional or good is different.  But hey, don’t lose hope, any skill is practice and so is photography.