Audible to Buy Audio Books

One place to get the audio books from, especially if you want an audio version of a best selling novel is You will find all sorts of books there, not just novels but everything from self development to newspapers and magazines. They also have subscriptions to radio and TV programmes and comedy content from people like Rosanne Barr - Rosannarchy:Dispatches from the Nut Farm or Ricky Gervais - Guide to Law and Order.

The way they work it is that they have a monthly fee that gets you a book credit each month and most books cost one of these credits. You can choose what ever takes your fancy but when I have looked in there I am drawn to the longer books where I am getting more hours of entertainment for the money. I could go for the erudite type of reading, with something from the Science and Technology section such as Pyschology and the Mind, or Physics. Then again there is the Romance section with Chick Lit or religious and Inspirational. (I don't think so!)

Most of the work on the site is available as full version of the text and some are abridged. It is pretty easy to find your books with the search tool on the site. Search by author, keyword, title or even narrator, if you like the sound of special sound someones' voice. Often the books will be read by well know celebrities such as Stephen Fry for Harry Potter and then sometimes you will get the actual author reading the work. Having the writer reading the work really comes into its own when you are listening to a autobiography.

AudioBooks Org

This site gives you a number of places you can get the audio books, both the free and paid for novels. It gives you links to the paid ones like Audible, Amazon, Simply AudioBooks and iTunes. It also gives you links to places where you can get books for free like LibriVox, Thought Audio, Books Should Be Free and Project Guttenberg - eBooks. There are also download links for full length books like Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe and also free samples such as The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs. You will also find links to foreign language books in German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Good if you are learning a language.

LibriVox for free audio Books

LibriVoxOn LibriVox you can volunteer to be a reader to add to the books available in public domain. You can do it with some free software on your computer, a microphone and your own sexy voice. The goal of LibriVox is to record all of the books in Public Domain. As you can imagine, it is a huge boon to the deaf, to have access to audio books. LibriVox also have a few podcasts about books, such as the LibriVox Books Podcast and the LibriVox Poetry Podcast.

You may subscribe to the podcasts which come out at varying intervals. The Poetry Podcast is once a week and the Books Podcast in which they select a book from the collection to send out a chapter at a time, three times a week until it is finished. You will have to look and see if the book they are reading right now is one that you would enjoy listening to.