I have been to this wonderful country quite a lot times in my life. And everytime I go back there, my breath is always taken away just by the beauty and culture of the Hong Kong people. There are so many things to do there to satisfy the senses. On the streets, you can feel the hustle and bustle of the city and yet there are also tranquil spots in the fishing villages. Your taste buds will go into a frenzy with all the tasty food. Classics, modern molecular gastronomy and unconventional foods will satisfy your taste buds.

In this article, I will give you a couple of suggestions on where you should go if you are in Hong Kong for a holiday.

1 Avenue of Stars.

The avenue of stars in in Tsim Sha Tsui (or TST as it is known to people who can’t or won’t pronounce it the right way.) Basically it is on the shore line of Kowloon and if you look out at the view across the harbour, you will see the breathtakingly beautiful skyline of Hong Kong Island which is right across the harbour. As you can see in the below photograph, the Hong Kong skyline is spectacular!

Beautiful Hong Kong skyline

The Avenue of Stars is called this because all along the pathway, there are stars with the names of famous people on the ground. And there is a statue of the legendary kung-fu expert, Bruce Lee, which would provide a great photo opportunity. When you go to the Avenue of Stars, you will definitely have a great opportunity to take pictures.

At night on every night at 8pm, there is the Light Show. In the light show, there are lasers that are shone from many buildings and this is done to music. The lasers dance along to the music. It is a great site to watch and the best place to watch it is in the Avenue of Stars.

On the last occasion that I went which was earlier this year, we went to the Lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel. We sat at a table with comfortable sofas and we had drinks and nibbles and the view of the harbour  from our table was spectacular.  We probably got there around 7pm and I recommend that you get there by this time especially on the weekends to ensure you get a table as many people like to watch the light show from that vantage point.

 The drinks and nibbles menu at The Lobby is quite pricey but you are allowed to stay and watch the show from there. And it is a great view. When the light show comes on at 8pm, you can see the dancing lights and lasers but you cannot hear the accompanying music. That is the only downside to watching the light show from the inside of a hotel. But still, the atmosphere is great at the Intercontinental.

Below is a photo taken inside The Lobby at The Intercontinental Hotel. As you can see, the lasers can be seen shining from the top of the skyscrapers.

Magnificent View of the Harbour During the Light Show


If you leave the Lobby by 9pm then there is no minimum spend on food or drinks. But if you stay past 9pm then you are expected to pay.

2) Take the tram up to Victoria Peak.

I have been to Victoria Peak a few times and on most occasions that I have been there, there has been a long line to get on the tram which goes up the mountain to the Peak. But it really does depend on when you go. On a good day, there are usually a lot of tourists that go there. But on a cloudy day, you might find that the line is shorter. On my most recent visit at the beginning of this year, I didn’t have to wait at all but I have been there on one occasion when the line was 40 minutes long.

When you get on the tram, there are two carriages, one in front and one behind. You can choose where to sit and the best vantage point is by the window. As soon as everyone is settled, the tram begins the steep climb to the Peak. When I say steep, I mean steep. It feels as though you are almost vertical. And along the trip, there are a couple of stops, where people can get on. These people have walked up the stairs that are beside the tram tracks and want to get on the tram from there. As the driver stops the tram and lets the people on, everyone on the tram is thinking the same thing, namely “Whatever you do, don’t let go of the handbrake driver!” Just judging by the steepness of the mountain, if he did that then the tram would surely be sent hurtling downwards to the bottom of the mountain like a rollercoaster!

After a few minutes, the tram reaches the destination at the top of the mountain and we all disembark. The view from the top is exhilarating. On a clear day, you will be able to see across the Hong Kong Island and then across the harbour to Kowloon. Your camera will be excited to take such glorious pictures of the view.

This is a photo taken from the top of the Peak. It was a cloudy day so you can't really see much of Kowloon, but the view is amazing and you can see the tall towers of Hong Kong Island!

View from the top of Victoria Peak

At the top, there is a shopping centre and also several restaurants. There is a coffee place where you can sit by the window and watch the breathtaking  view while sipping on your latte.

Once you have had enough of the view, you can opt to catch the tram back to the bottom. The tram will go down backwards as the tram does not turn around.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it useful. Please stay tuned to Part 2 (which will be out soon) where I will continue to share other places that you can go in Hong Kong.