American football has been considered as one of the most exciting and manly sport that is played that is why this question is usually asked: “Who sells the most NFL merchandise?” This article will update you on that.


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One of the most common questions that are asked by American football fans is: “Who sells the most NFL merchandise?” Considering the fact that football is widely considered an exciting sport that only true men play, questions such as that is frequent. Before we begin answering that, let us first investigate what makes football such an exciting sport and then let us proceed on who sells the most NFL merchandise.

Physical Contact

According to many sports enthusiasts, football ranks as one of the most physically demanding sports in the world because of the frequency and intensity of its physical contacts. Those factors make this sport very adored by men who like to see strength, dominance and skill portrayed in an arena.



In this sport, you will see the meanest and the most dangerous tackles you will ever see in professional sports. Along with that, the toughness of players to be able to endure endless tackles that seems to destroy people. With this sport, people are amazed by their toughness and how this sport truly redefined physical toughness in a professional sport level.


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In this type of sport, not only does it demand strength and power but it also demands skill in order to play the sport effectively. Many people underplay the skills required for playing a sport like this because all most see is the brute power that is being displayed – pushing, shoving and tackling.

Perfect For a Television Schedule

Americans love this sport because they can do a lot of stuff on breaks. American football is one of the most loved sport in the US because of it perfectly fit into a watching schedule where there are a lot of advert breaks, not just preceding and proceeding each quarter but also during different plays or possession shifts. This sport that is played in short plays but is very fast paced and it focuses on the value of each possession.

American Made

Americans love this sport simply because it is made by Americans. Because of the patriotism that they portray, they have grown an attachment to this sport making it one of the most played sports in the country. Along with that, it generally suit to the lifestyle of men that want a break during a game every so often.

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Now let us move on who sells the most NFL merchandise. An important fact that we must remember is that per year, there is always a change in rankings on who sold the most NFL merchandise. By acknowledging that, we will have two different rankings, the team who sold the most NFL merchandise for the year and the team who have sold the most NFL merchandise all-time.

Yearly Sales

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers had become one of the most loved team in the league not only by the people in Pittsburgh but also in other cities and states. Their nifty offense, solid defense and their wins that almost always come from a dramatic fashion are factor that land them as one of the most interesting teams to watch in the NFL. That is why it is not surprising to see that they are the team who sells the most NFL merchandise.

2. Dallas Cowboys

Ever since sales of NFL merchandise were recorded, the Cowboys are almost always at the top 5 in sales. Why? It is because they are good. This is the most basic reason why people love to buy merchandise that has the Cowboys logo on it, maybe also because of the cool logo, great design and artistic colors.

3. New Orleans Saints

Being the champion in the 2009-2010 NFL season, it is not wonder that they would rank high. Given their dramatic championship and their climb to reach the top, a lot of people had grown to love this team. Being a team that is never known to rank high in merchandise sales, it is a good change for their team.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

A team led by Michael Vick, this team had landed the number 4 spot. It is not a wonder since most teams that have popular superstars will definitely get a high number in merchandise sales due to their popularity. A championship-caliber team or not, in terms of sales, they are definitely a success.

5. New England Patriots

This team had been one of the most watched teams because of the team coordination this team has which is led by Tom Brady. It is a given that due to their team’s success they also one of the teams who sold the most NFL merchandise.

6. Chicago Bears

A team that has faced many ups and downs, the Bears have been awarded the 6th place. Given their recent upsets in the playoffs, they still are able to sell many NFL merchandise.

7. New York Giants

Being a team that has New York as its home court, it is no wonder they are in the top 10 of the most sold merchandise in the NFL. One of the loved teams by the city (of course they have no choice but to love their team) their spot in sales is a solid one.

8. Green Bay Packers

The Packers are considered a surprised in the merchandise sales because they are not really considered as one of the most favoured teams in the recent season. Still, many are loyal to this team.

9. Indianapolis Colts

Despite the recent deep push through the playoffs by the Colts, they were not able to get in the top 5. However, number 9 is still a good number.

10. New York Jets

As a team that is in a city that loves American football, they have landed the 10th spot summing up the top 10 teams who sells the most NFL merchandise.


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The Steelers is the team who sells the most NFL merchandise. Even though this many teams are in this list are not playoff-caliber teams, they still are surprisingly in it being the teams who sells the most NFL merchandise.