There was a time when men and women were obsessed with breasts. When Pamela Anderson reigned supreme, and cover models on magazines were always leaning forward, hands on knees, or leaning back, hands behind their heads. No longer. A cultural shift has turned people’s eyes along a slow, downward vertical pan, so that everybody seems focused on tushes and derrieres. From Beyonce’s fabulous behind to J.Lo’s attention grabber, from Megan Fox’s compact tautness to Jessica Alba’s booty, and most convincingly from the massive rise in plastic surgery on the butt since about 2004. While a fascination with the butt is nothing new, are we now on the verge of obsession?

Just a couple of weeks ago on December 1st, Solange Magnano, a 38-year-old model and former Miss Argentina died of complications resulting from a buttock lift in Buenos Aires. She left behind a thriving business, an active career in the fashion industry, and two twin boys. What prompted her to refine what was already perfect? South American fashion designer and close friend of Solange, Roberto Piazza, mourned her senseless death and told the media, “Last year she had surgery on her breasts and they came out perfect, but she did not need this butt surgery. It was stupid.”

But our new obsession with our butts shows that such unnecessary fixation is becoming the norm, which is especially confusing when you reflect on how there is no ‘perfect butt’. Every woman’s personal standard is different, with some wanting a smaller, perkier butt, while others want a larger, fleshier butt. Depending on where you fall on the spectrum, you will no doubt be trying to edge in either direction, seeking a perkier, tauter, fuller, smoother, rounder butt.

Is there any solution besides plastic surgery or hours of lunges? To answer this growing obsession, and seeking to channel this hunger for better booties into healthier channels, Leandro Carvalho has released his signature ‘Brazilian Butt Lift Beachbody’ workout, the same workout routine he’s used with top Victoria Secret models such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Fernanda Mota. It’s the same <Brazilian Butt Lift DVD he’s used to incredible success in his standing-room-only workout classes in NYC, and now it’s available on DVD. Blending Afro-Brazilian dance and capoeira with traditional ballet and gym exercises, he’s put together a workout routine that tackles the buttocks from every angle, seeking to not only to round and shape the buttock muscles but target the muscle ‘heads’ that attach them to the bone, and thus firming and lifting them as well. It’s no secret that the Brazilians have the best beach booty, and now Leandro, a native Brazilian himself, plans to show everybody his secrets and help them achieve that elusive goal: the perfect butt.