Listen to Your Teeth Dreams

Dreams about teeth falling out is a much more common dream than you might expect. It is such a common dream that much study and research as been invested to determine why nearly everyone has such dreams. Other related and researched dreams are about teeth crumbling, teeth rotting, or even teeth growing crooked and out of your mouth. These can be deeply emotional and jarring dreams. Knowing why you have such dreams can help you address factors in your life to reduce dreams where bad things are happening to your teeth.

Dreaming About Losing Teeth


Insecurity About appearance

Teeth are a symbol for attractiveness and happiness. Think of the power and happiness a bright smileHealthy Smile(65582) flashed in your direction can have. Dreams about teeth falling out can mean that you are unhappy with your physical appearance, even specifically your teeth. It is not uncommon for aging men and women to have increased dreams about teeth falling out, particularly menopausal women. Such dreams may also indicate unhappiness with your health and fitness. 

Becoming less attractive is a common concern as our bodies grow older and losing your teeth is a part of this. Consider making excercise a part of your daily routine, if it isn't already. Perhaps give a bit more attention to other aspect of your appearance such as your hair or skin to compensate for how you may be feeling about your teeth.


Emotional frustration

Because your teeth can reflect your ability to survive, dreams about teeth falling out can mean that you may have inner emotional imbalances that are interfering with your emotional survival. 

Are things going on with your spouse, children, or other families members that you could resolve? Is work particularly frustrating right now? Are there unresolved conflicts that you can set right? Resolving emotional issues during the day, letting go of painful injustices, and forgiving yourself and those around you can bring you more than just dream-time inner peace.


Feelings of Being Powerless

Because teeth can be used as a weapon, and often are in the animal kingdom, they can signify power. The act of biting, chewing, and tearing with your teeth are powerful, strong actions. Dreams of losing your teeth can mean that you feel you are growing physically weaker, or you are not valued at home or at work.  Have you recently had an injury that is affecting your mobility or ability to physically accomplish the things you'd like to?

Is somebody in your life, maybe you, tearing you down or causing you to feel work or unimportant? Is sombody trying to build themselves up by tearing you down? Analyze the people you interact with to potentially identify and dissolve toxic relationships.


Dreams are personal, sensitive things. It is impossible to definitively interpret everyone's dreams, but considering the frequency of dreams based on losing teeth, patterns have emerged. If you find yourself having frequent or disturbing dreams about losing teeth, following the advice above can help you sleep better.


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