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A Comedy Goddess Slinks & Snarks Among Us

She is every woman rolled up into one woman.

She is snarky, broody, smart, and funny.

She is alternately cute/pretty/beautiful/stunning.  She is sexy, sensual, and sometimes dorky.  She is also sugar and spice (mostly spice), and she is a bad girl. 

That’s why I am madly in love with Sarah Silverman.

Sarah Silverman (at Tribeca)Credit: Joan Garvin


Sarahs For All Occasions
I love all things Sarah except for Sarah Jessica Parker, Sara Lee, the Starship song “Sarah”, and Que Sarah Sarah (the French tranny who works the corner of 29th and Walnut).  And although I loves me some Sarah Palin,  I gots to say I loves me some Sarah Silverman even more!

This Jewish Jezebel initially came to my attention when she first appeared on Saturday Night Live back in its more unfunny days.  Oh, wait, that coulda been just last week, so I guess I should be more specific.  It was during the early 1990s.   I’d never seen a woman like her before (or since for that matter—Sarah Silverman is unique among womankind).

She is exotic; her almost indefinable beauty borders on the surreal.  That luxuriant black hair, often done in a pixyish set of pony tails, her vocabulary (that of a sailor on a three-day pass), her satirical insights.  Anyway, there was something about her; a mischievous quality that barely masked the raging estrogen storm beneath.  I could feel the allure of her right through the stupid TeeVee.

Hooked?  Yup, you betcha.  Right away.

A Yenta is Born
Sarah Kate Silverman was born in 1970, the baby in a family of four girls, in Bedford, New Hampshire.
Her mother founded a local theater company, and her father was a social worker by avocation who ran a discount clothing store.  Although Sarah is of Jewish extraction the family didn’t bother withSarah (school days) religion, and she considers herself an agnostic.  She adopted a vegetarian diet starting at age ten.

She appeared in community theater at age 12 and on a local Boston area show at 15.  When she was 17 she plunged into stand-up territory, singing a song (“Mammaries”) to a restaurant crowd.  After graduating high school she attended New York University and continued stand-up in Greenwich Village.

She got a writing/performing gig on Saturday Night Live for the 1992-1993 season, but she was fired as her sketches weren’t making it past dress rehearsal, and none of her material ever aired (though she performed on the show).

She floated around doing stand-up.  She featured as a performer on HBO’s Mr. Show (1995–97).  She’s been on Seinfeld (1997), on Star Trek: Voyager (1996), on Greg the Bunny as a series regular (2002), and she did Monk a few times (from 2004-2008) as a recurrent character.  She also did three seasons of an eponymous comedy show on Comedy Central.

She’s had parts in the films There's Something About Mary, Say It Isn't So, School of Rock, and School for Scoundrels (among others), playing a variety of characters.

More recently, she appeared Westward Ho (Sarah Silverman)Credit: Media Rights Capital, 2014in the 2014 Western comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West.  This Seth MacFarlane (of Fox TV’s animated sitcom, Family Guy, fame) vehicle tanked at the box office.  [Though it was infinitely more interesting and funnier than his first feature, Ted (2102), which did not star Sarah Silverman.  While box office gold, Ted really was a crappy movie.]

Sarah schlepped her humorous essays book, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee.  [Clinically depressed and taking Zoloft for that problem, she unabashedly admits to being a chronic bedwetter well into her late teens; she stated in an interview that she had wet the bed once most recently in 2007.]  The book was released in April 2010; by early May 2010, it was on The New York Times “Best-Seller List”.

Smart, sexy Sarah is multi-talented! 

Sarah is Magic
Probably one of her more shining moments in her stand-up career is her one-woman show, released in 2005 as a feature film, Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic.
She leaves no Sarah (Hebe parody)satirical stone unturned in this show, and no subject is too taboo for her to riff on.
A brilliant zinger in Jesus Is Magic concerns raising a hypothetical child in a mixed-religion couple (she being Jewish and the potential father at the time being Catholic).
She asked rhetorically how one explains these differences in religious ideology to a child.  Her solution?  “Mommy is one of God’s Chosen People, and daddy’s people think Jesus is magic!”  That's funny right there, I don’t care who you are (apologies to Larry The Cable Guy for stealing his tag line).

Many people simply do not like Sarah Silverman.  They think she is too edgy or offensive.   She isn’t—she’s just in your face, that’s all.

In direct comparison, Chris Rock’s stand-up is way more “offensive” than anything Sarah has ever said.  I think the public believes it’s somehow more titillating to hear rough comedy material comingSarah (trashy)Credit: Maxim Magazine, 2007 from the mouth of a woman (especially a pretty one), hence the manufactured drama. 

A prime example of “controversy” surrounding my darling is this exchange.

In 2001 on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien Sarah used the ethnic slur “chink”. 

She explained a friend had advised her she could avoid jury duty by writing a racial slur on the selection form, “Something inappropriate, like ‘I hate chinks’,” Sarah said.

She decided she didn’t want to appear racist, so she reported, “I wrote ‘I love chinks’.  And who doesn’t?” 

She used the joke as satire of the racist thought process.  But she got slammed for the word’s on-air use, however, by an Asian watch-dog group.  The “controversy” blew over soon enough, though.

Sarah has never offended me

Well, maybe in one way.

My only beef concerns her choice in men.

Or at least her choice in one particular man.Fred FlintstoneCredit: Hanna-Barbera, 1961

Her relationship with Jimmy Kimmel threw me completely and remains a mystery.  I mean, Kimmel may very well be a great guy.  I’d like to believe my Sarah, if not with me, is with some other great guy.  But I don’t know Kimmel, so I can’t say what kind of guy he is.  All I know is what I can see, and the incongruity of the exquisite Sarah Silverman with this golem (for, Lo’, those many years) was intolerable. 

Though I'm not insanely jealous, I'll admit, however, I’m somewhat envious of Kimmel's getting to shlump his Barney-Rubblerian/Flintstonian, jug-headed, no-neck frame around the lithesome Sarah on multiple occasions when I, who truly love her, haven’t even done it once!

I think she could do better.  [And she has these days.  Her most recent guy, though still not me, looked positively humanoid; Sarah refuses to get married, though, until gay people unilaterally have the same rights to marry as she does, so for now she’s free-rangin’ her love life.]

Sarah Silverman: Sex Goddess
Lest it be overlooked: Sarah’s Body by Fisher appears as if it were designed by the same architects who drafted Solomon’s Temple.
She is built for worship.  If she is truly one of The Chosen People then the “choice” hath been made well, verily.
 Sarah (sultry)
An interesting thing about Sarah is she does not play up her physicality very often (I don’t even know if she realizes just how hot she really is).  Occasionally, but not often, she will bring attention to her smoldering sexiness: Sarah, we needs more of this, please!
She is a real woman.  No stick shikseh, this!  I see this gevaldik goddess and, oy vey iz meer, I’m shvitsn already!
Multi-Media Queen
Sarah Silverman has spread herself over many different fronts.  She has done TV, movies, live theater, and studio recordings.
She also has a strong online video presence with her satirical or parody songs as well as a serio-comic take on current events; PSA-style videos on her YouTube channel are both poignant and hysterical, mostly concerning hot-button issues of the day such as equal-wages legislation for women, gun ownership rights, among other topics.
She also does a series of guru-type crud, focusing on New Age BS aphorisms (that are truly funny) and religious themes  that she lumps under the category, “Voices of Learning”.
And then there's some random gold videos, such as this one:

I love Sarah’s volatility, her chameleon qualities.Sarah (haughty)

Sarah looks like she knows things, dirty things.

Her eyes flash from sparkling glee to a mildly cold stare, and I am completely taken by this.  Her lip biting—too Sarah (biting lip)adorable.

But she isn’t all just looks, although she literally has the transformative ability to be any woman.

Nope.  I love her persona, her essence.  Sarah is the kind of woman who won’t take any of your guff, either; she’d give you a run for your money, I bet. 

Did I mention she’s a bad girl?


Well, there you go—that’s why I am madly in love with Sarah Silverman. 


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