The reason why people should buy cars that run on renewable resources is that it will save the planet from extinction. Cars that run on energy resources other than oil and gasoline are cleaner and more efficient. The planet is heating. Many species of animals could die. There are more choices for cars than ever before. Cars can run on vegetable oil, batteries, hydrogen, and some cars can even run on compressed air! All of these cars have almost to no pollutants or carbon dioxide. They are very clean and very efficient. Cars are one of the main reasons for pollution in the United States. If cars were pollutant free a huge portion of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would disappear. Every year the number of cars on the road is increasing. More cars on the road means more carbon dioxide. If temperatures continue to rise the number of extinctions will continue to rise. Many of the planet's natural animals that has been on earth for millions of years will disappear. Eventually humans will disappear as well.


Hydrogen cars exhaust will only contain water vapor. Hydrogen cars also will not only run further than gasoline cars, but they will also be lighter than than gasoline. Hydrogen cars may have a high price tag, but if many of the big name celebrities would purchase hydrogen cars the public may follow in their foot steps.


Compressed air cars has no greenhouse emissions and can run on compressed air. It works by the expansion of the compressed air drives the pistons driving the car.The engine catches the fast moving air as it moves through the engine. Compressed air will be stored at high pressure. Compressed air cars would be a very interesting car to buy. It is a cool way to drive green.


Electric cars are cheap and are low maintenace. The car costs pennies to fuel not dimes . The cars run on battery power. They are extremely fuel efficient and can go just as far as a gasoline car and maybe even further. Battery cars can be very hard to refuel at times but the cost of a quick battery charge easily out competes the cost of a gasoline refilling.

Cars that run on renewable sources of fuel are not only fuel efficient, but they are also usually pollutant free. The planet is in need of help. Every year the world is getting more and more worse. The planet is heating and many species are dying. Forests are being cut down and carbon dioxide is rising. If something is not done soon the planet could face extinction as we know it. For more information please visit my story '' The most Important Thing in the world:But is it to Late" right here at infobarrel. The world is barely surviving the stress that humans are putting on it. The future of the children is in jeopardy. Stop worrying about money and worry about the future of earth.