The famous song called “why this kolaveri di” written and sung by Tamil actor Dhanush has made over 15 million hits on video sharing sites and is still counting. The original version of the song from the movie “Three” that was released by Sony Entertainment (India) has entered a new phase as one of the most widely seen videos on the internet. According to the makers of this song, the lyrics were written in mere 6 minutes by Dhanus and were composed in 20 minutes by Anirudh. 

After the release of the song, the number of hits on YouTube was painfully slow. However, just a day later, people started sharing the videos on major social working sites and from there it got picked by many others. The video then became viral. Within days, this song “why this kolaveri di” became one of the most widely seen videos in India. The song has become so popular that women in Japan are singing to the tune of this music track.

Many are asking, why this particular song amongst the many that are released everyday became a huge success. The popularity could be due to the fact that the lyrics of the song makes little sense and has been sung by a person who has never sung before. The lyrics are very simple and have a catchy tune, and it’s a love song so people can quickly associate with it. Perhaps it’s just a clever marketing strategy by the music company. Whatever the case maybe, there is no doubt that the music track has been liked by word wide. The likes and views on social sites have not only been in Tamil Nadu state of India but has crossed languages and state boundaries. There are reports that people in neighboring countries of India such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and even Pakistan have also liked the song.

The video has been such a huge success and many people have started re-singing and remaking their own versions of the song. For instance, videos have cropped up where people have started making spoofs of the song. People are making videos dancing to the tune; people have started dubbing the song in their respective regional languages. Out of this madness for the song, one particular video that has attracted attention is the female version of “why this kolaveri” song. An unknown music band has recreated the song exactly the same way as Dhanush’s original version. This video features a woman singing the same song but in a female voice. It is not known who has sung the song and is not known who the actor of the video is. Nonetheless, the acting, the singing and the direction of this video is praiseworthy. Although the studio of this band seems somewhat amateurish, the end product of the video is very good indeed. It has made more than a million hits and is still counting.

Although the female version of the “why this kolaveri di” song is unofficial, it has been liked by a lot of people. It has attracted a lot of attention and lots of praise is pouring in that is evident from the comments on the video.

Sony Entertainment (India) has said that an official female version will also be released as part of an album. But till then the original male version of “why this kolaveri di” continues to make history. 

Why this kolaveri di (Female Version)

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