Christian Couple
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Christian couples should eventually learn to pray together and grow in Christ.

Let’s assume all single Christian women know to pursue spiritually mature men. These women know enough Scripture to sacrifice their worldly ideas of buff, rugged studs and wait for real men who will lead them in things that matter. Let’s say our fictional character Darlene found such a man.

Darlene met Greg, a youth leader at the local Nazarene church, at the Independence Day potluck. To say he knew his Scripture well would be an understatement. Darlene, however, knew little about the Bible and her beliefs. She would do well to study under Greg and pray with him for three important reasons:

1. A Man Could Strengthen His Woman

Contrary to what Greg originally thought, Darlene had grown up in the Nazarene church. She knew the regular teachings that the pastor preached. Yet, her familiar background with the church made her blasé to God’s glory and His miracles. She needed someone to awaken her thirst for the Lord.

Women are emotional creatures, and Solomon himself said no woman was wise. Greg studies the Word and pursues a strong relationship with the Savior. His pursuit for Darlene, a less spiritually mature woman, should result in his sharing his understanding of Scripture with her. He could help her grow.

Nazarene Church
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Christian couples often meet in church gatherings, such as potlucks and group Bible studies.

2. A Man Should Pray with His Woman

Containing years of practice, Greg knew how to pray. He seemed to connect with the Holy Spirit when he prayed at an evening church service, and he indicated a personal prayer life at home. Accustomed to tuning out during service prayers, Darlene knew little about connecting to God through prayer.

Greg must share his knowledge of praying with Darlene. Relationships with God are nonexistent without prayer, and human relationships fail without the Lord. If Greg pursues Darlene, then he should teach her to connect with their heavenly Father. Doing so might even draw them closer to each other.

3. A Man Could Bring Peace and Joy to His Woman

Though Greg hadn’t been raised in a Christian home, he had believed and served the faith long enough to experience the peace and joy that comes in knowing Christ. Going to church was routine for Darlene. Outside of church, she experienced stress and worldly temptations and was oblivious to God’s joy.

As long as Greg brought his cares about Darlene to the Lord, he will be able to calm Darlene’s anxiety with their Bible study and prayer time. The only way Greg would fail would be if Darlene had an argumentative, spiteful attitude. No one will learn in Bible study when the sinful nature takes over.

Couple's Bible Study
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The man can teach the woman and guide her to a closer relationship with the Lord.

Conclusion: The Woman Must Allow a Man to Lead

More than likely, Greg will succeed in his efforts with flying colors. The ending results, however, lay on more than him. Darlene must allow Greg to lead her in her spiritual walk. Doing so requires her to humble herself and allow the Holy Spirit to show her where she needs guidance.

A spiritually mature man can keep up a healthy relationship with a less spiritually mature woman. She must make every effort to grow in Christ, though, so their relationship will please the Lord. Therefore, men should make an early start to read the Word and pray with their women.

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