Is food abuse causing addictive behaviour?

One out of three Americans are obese. Why?

Americans, take a look at yourselves - the rest of the world is following you!

We are a little confused, it seems by priorities. During a recent visit to the USA the news was in a frenzy over the Ebola virus threat. All because one or two people were supposedly infected by some deadly virus. Now the whole of the USA is in a state of panic and emergency. But in front of our eyes, as South Africans we were in a state of shock about something far greater, more real and life threatening than the killer virus. Sure, the Ebola virus can kill you quickly but the morbid obesity pandemic kills people and causes a lot more suffering in the long run. It is highly infectious and has gone rampant. To the media it was not the problem of the moment, even though it threatens  over a third of the people who watch those television sets.

Eat The Whole Pizza and nothing but the Pizza?

The whole pizzaand nothing but the pizzaCredit: Sue Visser

Popular as it is, a slice of pizza is not really a nutritious meal. When people order a family sized pizza per person it leaves me gobsmacked! Then comes the desert and of course a few sodas to wash down the heartburn pills, the gout medication and the blood pressure tablets. Seeing is believing and now I know why Americans drive around in super sized wheelchairs! Nobody tells them that is it not cool, it is not OK to eat like that - just because everybody else does. Come on when people are morbidly obese are we to believe that they eat salads and fresh fruit and avoid gluten and give a hoot about what suits their blood type? If they did, they would not need so many medications, special heavyweight ambulances and extensive stomach surgery. So does wheat (pizza, burgers, rolls, sandwiches and pasta) really suit all of us?

add inflammation and contamination

If it did there would be no signs of inflammation - no need for so much cortisone. Do potatoes (French fries and mash) suit everybody? No. How about beef or chicken? Once you know your blood type and consult the food lists it is easy to find the offending trigger foods. Cut them out for a month and note the way you feel. If you ignore blood type considerations you fuel the fires of inflammation. Offending foods are different for each blood type. Some people are OK with wheat, but their downfall are beef and potatoes.

The Big Mac is designed to be in conflict with all blood types

  • Beef: does not agree with blood type A. It is not easy to digest and leaves them feeling tired and bloated. Some of the blood type AB people are also adversely affected by beef.
  • Bread: is fine for blood type A secretors and some of the AB group. Anybody else? Nope, definitely not.Not good for type O or B.
  • French fries: potatoes are part of the nightshade family and cause inflammation in blood type A. Blood type B secretors are OK, but not for type O. AB types are neutral.
  • Tomatoes: not for A secretors of B secretors. It causes acidity and inflammation.

Doctor William Davis is well known for his "Wheat Belly" theories and call the stuff the perfect chronic poison. So if you eat wheat throughout the day and it is a major part of your calorie intake there is no mystery. Kelly Herring is a nutritionist who also insists that bread disrupts the normal insulin mechanism to such an extent that it causes reactive hypoglycemia. In other words, trying to fill up your tummy with bread and pasta causes you to become hungry a lot sooner. She says high insulin levels increase levels of visceral body fat.

Parents who are morbidly obeseCredit: Sue Visser

Now the medical experts are telling us that some of the children of the baby boomers are already so riddled with chronic food and lifestyle related diseases that they are expected to die sooner than their parents. High blood pressure in children? Yes, plus insulin resistance, weakening bones, sleep apnea and of course extreme obesity. They say that disease runs in the family but so do eating habits.Most families are now more interested in their wi-fi devices that they communicate via mobile phones and the obsession with social media ousts the old-fashioned family outings for a walk in the park or a mountain hike.

Wireless activity = physical inactivityCredit: Sue visser

If Mom is rarely in the kitchen then where is the food coming from? What does the family eat for breakfast? What do children have for lunch at school and how about the family dinner? The GMO threat is also lurking in just about every ingredient and takes its toll on obesity genes and an ever dwindling immune system. The sicker you get from your food the more medications you need. As we know, some of these have very fattening side effects.

FrankenfoodCredit: Sue Visser

For most of the health problems that relate to inflammation and obesity you will find some or other food to blame. This is because some people tolerate either bread, potatoes, beef, dairy products or chicken better than others do. Even if these items are 100% pure and what they call organically produced without pesticides they can cause weight gain, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. These target your own tissues according to the vulnerability of your blood type. Thus inflamed and laden with mucous, people then take medications that affect weight gain. Their medicine becomes their food, you could say because the food makes them sick.

Fast food fast carsCredit: Sue Visser

Why the hurry? Fast food, fast cars, fast wheelchairs

Super Size me: the famous demonstration of how the wrong diet can undermine your health and pack on the weight is not the only cause of this obesity problem. Fast food outlets are like bottle stores. Booze does not turn everybody into an alcoholic and junk food does not make everybody fat - or does it? At InfoBarrel a detailed study of the Super Size project  is worth looking at because it shows the negative impact on a heathy body as a result of eating fast foods exclusively. We get the point - but diet alone is not the only cause and the problem is getting worse by the year all over the world. If you are interested in why people get fat you may like to know more about the fat factors that cause one to become helplessly obese.

Fat rideCredit: Sue visser

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the amount of food (although it is usually excessive) and it is not the lack of exercise (although it is usually non-existent) that are exclusively to blame. It is far, far worse than anything the so-called doctors and diet freaks make it out to be and they are not solving the problem, are they? It is a case of fat factors that conspire to expand our proportions to levels beyond gross. Mysterious mechanisms that are invading your body at a constantly accelerating rate and no single diet can save you. Scary, very scary and there is plenty of evidence because you can't hide all that incredible bulk. That is what we saw with our own eyes. In South Africa is also becoming a big problem but people don't drive around in expensive wheelchairs. They go to work and wobble around, pretending to cope. We also have free drugs and medical care. Plenty of drugs with very fattening side effects and plenty of food that has no nutritional value. America sets the trend.

Who is avearge?Credit: Sue Visser

 There is no point in buying bigger clothes and trashing what used to fit you

Addicted to soda? Often thirst is the body's natural craving for water. But oh no, if a can of Coke or other sugar laden soda pops are lined up in the refrigerator nobody is going to glug down a glass of water. Salt levels are unusually high in the food they serve at fast food joints and so thirst goes hand in hand with hunger. Both are opportunities to load up on more and more unhealthy elements. There are plenty of good reasons why people crave their fizzy drinks. They are meant to, so you drink more and buy more. Caffeine is also an addictive substance they may contain.

The way to goCredit: Sue Visser

Even if you are not counting calories, the malicious effects of high fructose corn syrup, salt, wheat lectins and trans-fatty acids and flesh that is flashed with hormones and antibiotics are going to nuke you. They make you morbidly obese and set of a volley of chronic diseases. it is not even a case of eating just a little. If they make you sick - you need to stop eating them or carry on getting sicker and as a result, fatter. Is this really the way, the light and the truth about your food?

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