Here is a review of the Yamaha CLP & CVP digital pianos. These are from the Yamaha Clavinova series and are premium home upright pianos with the traditional upright looks.

Yamaha already has the YDP series of digital piano-keyboards but these are higher in the chain and have much better sound as well as aesthetics.

What Other Options You Have?
Even when compared to the pianos from its challengers like the Roland, the Clavinovas score nicely. The Clavinova CLP & CVP use sound samples from Yamaha's best concert acoustic pianos. Yamaha has decades of expertise on the subject of Piano as well as recording technology and you can depend on them to make some superior quality digital pianos with the best sound and features.

But won’t you get anything cheaper from Yamaha? You would, considering that Yamaha has such a wide range of piano & keyboard instruments. At the lower/intermediate end of Yamaha’s product line-up you have the 88 key grand arranger keyboards and the P-series pianos with basic piano sounds.

Clavinovas are Elegant Classic Pianos
But in case you are considering high quality pianos that come in the traditional make, something that will give you one of the most original touch and sound, you certainly won't be able to go wrong with the Yamaha Clavinova CLP & CVP digital pianos. Of course you will pay more but it definitely is worth it.

The Various Clavinova Piano Series
You get the Clavinova both in upright as well as grand pianos. In terms of the assortment of pianos, the Clavinova piano comes in the CLP and the CVP series with the CLP piano costs being less than the CVP pianos. The CLP pianos are not ensemble pianos nevertheless the CVP pianos are which means they have those built-in accompaniments. Besides these much of the other functions are usually identical across these pianos. The CVP pianos, being higher in price have more functions like vocal harmony and 16-track sequencer, when compared to the CLP pianos.

A Yamaha Clavinova digital piano can cost is in the range of $2k to $10k US dollars. If you think maybe these pianos cost on the higher side then you need to understand that these are premium pianos and they're truly worth it.

Remember that Yamaha Clavinova not only has excellent sounds, they are elegant looking pianos that will complement the décor of your home.

But then as you see the price range differs a lot because you get simple upright pianos with just the basic piano sounds to a top of the line ensemble grand piano. So choose a Yamaha Clavinova CLP / CVP Digital piano that suit your requirements.