The First Two Hours

There is only so much time in a day.  Time is one of the only commodities that every person walking on this earth has in common as a limitation.  So how do we get the most out of our day?  Knowing that every second, minute, and hour that passes is one that we can’t get back, how can we train ourselves to get the most out of 24 hours?  You can’t touch tomorrow, but you can do something about today.   Until you respect each day and the time you have, nothing will change in your life.  This is the routine that will put you a step above.  The first two hours of our day set the pace.  

Rise Early

Successful people rise early.  The time when our subconscious or “innate” is most alert is the first ten or fifteen minutes when we wake up and before we go to bed.  The best ideas and inspirations we have usually come at these times.  Keep a notepad by your bed or on your night stand.  Jot down any thoughts or inspirations that come your way, and review your goals.  

Quiet Time

Spend ten or fifteen minutes just sitting in peace and quiet.  Visualize your day, how you want it to start, go, and end.  Listen, Visualize, and create your perfect day in your head.


Get your heart rate going.  It can be as simple as a 20-30 minute walk or some pushups in the morning.  Getting your blood pumping and heart rate going will make your mind clearer and get you ready for your day.   A person who exercises a little bit each day leads a more productive life.  This will prevent laziness and promote follow through.

Mirror time

The most challenging 3-5 minutes you will ever spend can be looking in the mirror at your own reflection.  At the end of the day, you have to make things right with yourself.  Spend 3-5 minutes looking into your own eyes, which are the windows to your soul.  Do you see confidence, compassion, and kindness?  Do you see jealousy, greed, or uncertainty?  You may not like what you see, but the beauty is you have today to change it.  

Listen to Something Motivational During Your Commute

Most people have some type of commute to work.  Try to avoid the news, or even the hit radio station.   Use this time to build yourself up mentally.  Listen to something that reminds you of your purpose.  There are all kinds of audio books available.  Anything from Napolean Hill to Dale Carnegie.  Podcasts are another great resource to find material.  

Arrive Early to Your Place of Work

Arrive at least fifteen minutes early to your place of work.  Put out your expectations of what you want to see that day.  Speak out what you want to see.  Walk into each room and speak out what you want to see.  It may be new clients calling your phone at the front desk, or satisfied customers walking through your place of business or goals/quota being met.  Walk through your work place and speak out what you want to happen.

During Work

During the working hours, be thinking how can I use each opportunity as a chance to give, how can I make a difference in someone else’s life.  The secret to getting is by giving.  Review your goals for a second time at some point during the work day.

On the Way Home

Listen to whatever it is you enjoy, call family, friends or loved ones.

At Home

Don’t worry, leave it back at work.  Most things we worry about never come to fruition.  Whatever you may be worried about, ask yourself the question, “will this affect my life 5 years from now?”.  If it will, then address it.  But if it won’t, don’t lose sleep over it.  It will work itself out.  Love your family and home life.   Give them your time and attention.  If you’re single and just have a pet, give that pet your love and attention!  

Before Bed

Review your goals for a third and final time.  Keep a pen and pad by your bed or night stand for any idea or inspiration that comes to you.  Your subconscious is wide open, so be aware of it and welcome what it brings.  Another great thing to fall asleep to is pillow speakers. 


Remember to give god, family, your job and passions the attention they deserve.  If you take these things for granted, you’ll lose them.   The best thing about this daily routine is it’s free.  It doesn’t cost you any extra to get up early, visualize what you want, review goals, or focus on giving.   Work on slowly implementing each piece of this daily routine into your life and get ready to see your thoughts and dreams become reality.

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Success in Your Routine

Success in Your Routine