Many people are familiar with the ubiquitous Zippo lighters, but few people know that a Zippo money clip is another high quality, stylish product from this legendary company. A Zippo money clip makes a great gift for any man. The fashion statement opportunities for men are far more limited than the choices for a lady. A money clip can be engraved and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. It is a nice way for a man to express a bit of individuality and still have a useful item, too.

Zippo money clipA Zippo money clip can be purchased online or in many fine retail shops. The same high quality that is exhibited in lighters is also found in the money clip. A Zippo money clip can feature a company logo, favorite sports team, name or initials or a motto or slogan. Engraving is optional, but often free with purchase. This can be a great way to personalize the item for that special man in your life. Chromium, gold tone, brushed steel, copper, brass and leather are all finishes that can be found. Some styles have magnetic closures and other styles are the classic clip type. Further embellishments can be had in the way of inlaid synthetic jewels (or real ones!) and various enamel decorations. All of these elements can be combined in whole or in part to create a truly unique gift.

The best part about a Zippo money clip is the functionality. Many men hate the look and feel of a bulging wallet in their back pocket. The ability to carry cash and credit cards in a sleek, secure manner make a Zippo money clip a great buy. Many of these items also have hidden functionality, too. For a man who wishes to feel like a secret agent, many of these clips come with hidden fully functional pocket knife or nail file. This is a clever addition that will help out in a pinch. There are even some with greenskeeper tools and watches inlaid.Great for the practical man in your life.

A Zippo money clip really is a great gift idea for the man who has everything. Increasingly, people are quitting smoking and the lighter business will decline. The same engraved Zippo lighter that was once a sure-fire gift is now not such a safe bet. The Zippo money clip makes a great alternative. The affordability, customization and functionality will appeal to both a practical man and a man wanting to add a bit of flair to his wardrobe. The ability to order online or in small gift shops make it an affordable and accessible choice as a last minute gift idea. You can not go wrong with a Zippo money clip!