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Articles about fuel

What do you want to see?
by Anita Keller
9 years ago
Fuel Cells - The Energy Source of the Future

Fuel cells aren't just the dreams of science-fiction writers. There are becoming and more and prevalent in the real world too. What are fuel cells and why are they becoming so important to our everyday life? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand this up-and-coming energy source.

by Anita Keller
9 years ago
D.B. Cooper - One Of the Most Infamous Unsolved Crimes From The 1970's

40 years after D.B. Cooper's brazen hijacking and later skydiving leap out of a Boeing 727-100 over the wilderness of the Northwestern US, the mystery of what happened to him still captivates the American public.  Did he survive his jump into the dark forest, slip by the search teams, and blend back into civilization?  Or did he die in his risky leap of faith and his body just hasn't been discovered yet?  As the case heads for its 50th anniversary, many still wonder if D.B. Cooper is alive or if the case is still relevant and worth chasing.

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