Bissell had been on the cleaning business since 1876. Started by Melville and Ana Bissell in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Bissell & Sons started selling a carpet sweeper machine that first just solved Anna's cleaning issues with her carpet. While the Bissell steam cleaners remain one of the top and fastest sellers in the Company's innovative product lines, the emergence of smaller spaces opened doors of opportunities for small Bissell carpet cleaners that are lightweight and the ultimate space savers. Once dominated by industrial and commercial providers, the Bissell steam cleaners are now of the most affordable and effective deep cleaners that not only cut cleaning time and half but also clear your carpet from bacteria that could harm your family's health.

Read on to know more about Bissell steam cleaners and the innovation that keeps your carpet and home super clean and sweet smelling.

Bissell Allergen Control and Deep Cleaning Solution

Bissell is one of the authorities, if not the authority, when it comes to deep and thorough cleaning. And, with more than a hundred years of experience in the cleaning industry, Bissell has been known to design and offer consumers lifestyle changing and innovative products.

And with their unrelenting and constant research about consumer preferences, Bissell had introduced cleaning solutions that go beyond deep cleaning: Bissell steam cleaners. Fully integrated with a built-in heater, the Bissell carpet cleaners are designed with detachable hand tool for furniture and staircases and a spraying crevice for those hard to reach areas. And unlike other steam cleaners, Bissell knows that your carpet also needs gentle care alongside tough germ-cleaning solutions. Alongside thorough cleaning, Bissell recommends with cleaning formulas that are tough to stains and allergens but gentle to your carpet.

Here's a quick list of Bissell deep cleaners that are known to fight tough allergens, stains, and dirt:

ProHeat 2x CleanShot, one of Bissell's allergen control products, offers the perfect cleaning mix of gentle and toughness by clearing off the toughest stains and dirt with its dual brushing and heating system. And with a fully integrated unit of hand tool, power brushes, its trademark Dry Aire feature, and a spraying crevice, the ProHeat 2x CleanShot clearly outcleans other steam cleaners in the market.

ProHeat 2x Healthy Home is truly one of Bissell's innovations in all of its revolutionary cleaning products. Featuring its patented Microban antimicrobial product protection, the ProHeat 2x Healthy Home keeps your carpet and family free from allergens and dust mites longer than a regular steam cleaner. Conveniently and thoroughly clean your carpet with just one push of a button, the ProHeat 2x Healthy Home is one powerful cleaner that you could easily control and maneuver, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Bissell ProHeat Deep Cleaner is definitely a classic. Featuring a continuous heating system and complete attachments like hand tools and furniture cleaning, the ProHeat Deep Cleaner is one of the most compact and affordable steam cleaners offered by Bissell.

Powerlifter is one of the most compact Bissell steam cleaners that integrates the power of full brushing and Bissell's unique water tank that separates clean and used water for hassle-free and fast cleaning. Specifically designed as a domestic steamer, the PowerLifter® is one portable carpet cleaner that you could easily fit in any storage room.