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by goatfury
6 years ago
Roko's Basilisk is Pascal's Wager for Nerds

The concept of Roko's Basilisk may sound eerily familiar to people who have struggled with religious philosophy in the past.

by Mic Brody
7 years ago
Alien Species Guide

Look up at the sky at night and try to imagine that we are the only sentient species in the universe. Can you imagine that the entire universe is made up of just us? It would be a pretty boring universe if we were the only game in town; and thankfully we are not. There are many different kinds of alien species out there and many of them have visited earth at one time or another. . Knowledge is power and it behooves you to know and understand what types of aliens are out there and how to deal with them; lest you start an interstellar incident!

by WalterHenry
9 years ago
Age of Aquarius

Speculations span the globe ranging from curiosity to concern about the coming Age of Aquarius and all its implications. Many believe the world will end on December 21, 2012. For various reasons, some true and others debatable, many people are anxious and scared. Are you? Read on then.

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