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Travel & Places
by wendywanderer
5 years ago
Vacation in the Galapagos Islands with Children

Are you thinking about taking a vacation to the Galapagos Islands but wonder if it will be suitable to take younger children?  This article gives advice about how to have an enjoyable vacation in the Galapagos for the whole family.

Travel & Places
by Athena
6 years ago
Suggested Mountain Biking Destinations in Ecuador

Although Ecuador is known to build many roads, there's is enough areas for off road biking. For casual tourists trying out the biking tours as well as hard core mountain bike enthusiasts, the possibilities for sight seeing tours are abundant.

Travel & Places
by gagews
10 years ago
How To Travel To Ecuador - Tena and the Amazon Rainforest

The capital of the Napo province is five hours in bus from Quito. Tena is not an important tourist place and it does not have many attractions to visit. But the landscape, with the rivers Pano and Tena, that form the Misahuallí river, is beautiful. Tena has a high...

Travel & Places
by GinaBrommel
10 years ago
Galapagos Islands Animals Part 1 - Penguins

Who knew? There really are penguins that call the equator home - or more exactly the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. The Galapagos Penguins arrived to the islands via the Humboldt Current. The Humboldt Current flows north from Antarctica bringing with it cold waters rich with nutrients that the...

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