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Travel & Places
by your friendly surgeon
6 years ago
2 Days In Krakow, Poland

Krakow is home to more than 100 churches. We didn't visit all of them, but I am sure they all have interiors as amazing as this. Absolutely gorgeous!

Travel & Places
by mstopka
6 years ago
Wadowice Poland: In the Footsteps of John Paul II

Wadowice is a city located south of Krakow where Karol Wojtyla the future Pope John Paul II was born. Visitors to Wadowice can visit his family home which is filled with photographs and pope's personal belongings. Just a short walk from the home is a church in which young Karol Wojtyla was baptized and received first communion.

Travel & Places
7 years ago
Discover the Magical World of the Wroclaw Gnomes also known as Wroclaw Dwarfs or simply Wroclawskie Krasnale...

During a recent visit to the Polish city of Wroclaw, I fell in love with the magical world of the gnomes. The miniature dwarf statues can be discovered in all corners of the city and offer the tourists a fun activity combined with a deep sense of satisfaction every time one appears in sight. Get to know them, find out more about why they're there and how you can find them.

Travel & Places
by DominikaMS
7 years ago
Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland - Treasure of Polish History and Nature

Foreign tourists in Kraków, Poland, must see nearby Wieliczka Salt Mines as well. This world-class attraction, which features amazing geological structures, treasures of Polish history and art, made it to the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, maintained by UNESCO.

Travel & Places
by LoveSpaces
10 years ago

Poland owns a rich and varied history, going back to over a thousand years ago. Over the course of its history, Poland acquired a unique culture and produced many prominent figures that contributed to the history, arts and music of...

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