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by Jubble
6 years ago
Past Extinction Events And What we Can Expect For The Future

During the billions of years that have gone before us, we know there have been calamitous events of significant magnitude which have resulted in the extinction of multiple species. This article takes a look at the more significant of these and how our understanding of their effects can aid us in getting in idea of what's in store for us in the future.

by mariuski
7 years ago
Cromagnon Man: Facts About the Early Modern Human

The Cro-magnons were our latest ancestors. They created tools and paintings in their caves and started what we now know as religion.

by David Letteropener
7 years ago
10 Dinosaurs Everyone Likes To Read About

An article about 10 of the most popular dinosaurs in movies, books and documentaries that everyone always like to read about!

by nix
8 years ago
Catalhuyok, the city down under

What if the world civilization didn't really start at 3000 B.C.? What if it really started at 7000 B.C? Are we going to repeat and redo all of our history books? The world has yet a lot to offer; several things that people hasn't unveiled yet. Today, come and visit the first city in the world; the Çatalhöyük.

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