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Travel & Places
by Amerowolf
5 years ago
The Skulls of Neamt - Romania's Most Macabre History Records

Visit any cemetery around the world and you will spot tombs, mausoleums, or headstones commemorating those that are buried there. Some may bear poignant quotes, poems, pictures of the deceased, and maybe even little epithets like "beloved mother, dedicated brother, or hot wing eating champ of '06" that describes their lives. Aside from the memories in our head and the feelings in our heart, it is all we have to remember these people by. However, now imagine that all we have to remember the dead was a little writing about their life carved right into their haunting white skull?

Travel & Places
by LoveSpaces
10 years ago

I was born and currently reside in Romania. It is my country and I am proud of it. I know it has its dark side, but as for all things in life, I focus on the bright side and tend to value them. Also,...

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