Etnies Skateboard Shoes

Etnies Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Styles/Models (Men's)

Etnies' skateboard shoes and sneakers have evolved with the skateboarding trends superbly over its long 24 years of life. Etnies Footwear has long been known as a quality skate shoe company with a diverse range stylish sneakers for any personality of skateboarder. Etnies Footwear continues to strive for top quality and appearance in each pair of sneakers they produce. Here is the current line-up of Etnies skateboard shoes and sneakers for men:

  • Alpha
  • Barge
  • Barge - Thunder Collaboration
  • Chrome
  • Chrome 02
  • Cinch
  • Czar 2
  • Devine Calloway
  • Digit 2
  • Downtown
  • Duardo
  • Everton
  • Faction
  • Fader
  • Jameson 2
  • Lo Cut 2.5
  • Lock
  • Mikey Taylor
  • Number
  • Perro
  • Portland
  • RSS
  • RVL
  • RVL - Thunder Collaboration
  • RVM Shoe
  • RVM MySpace Collab
  • Sal Slim
  • Santiago
  • Sean Malto
  • Sheckler 2
  • Sheckler 4
  • Twitch 2
  • Uptown

Etnies Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Features

As a leader in the skate shoe industry, Etnies Footwear is looked up to as one of the companies that first began implementing skateboard shoe "technology" intended to maximize comfort and durability. Since the 90s, Etnies Footwear has consistently put out quality sneakers with features like water resistance, the patented Etnies System G2 gel inserts, Etnies STI Foam cushioned footbeds, vulcanized construction, and triple stitching.

Etnies Footwear also has a unique feature where you can design your own custom Etnies sneaker. By visiting their website you can find a tab that allows you to construct your own Etnies sneaker the way you want it to look. This is unprecedented in the skateboard shoe industry and just one more thing that Etnies Footwear has set the bar with. How many other skateboard shoe companies allow you to design your own custom sneaker?

Etnies Girl Skate Shoes


Part of Etnies Footwear's success has been the fact that they were one of the first skateboard shoe companies to begin production of sneakers specifically marketed for girls, naming the line "Etnies Girl". Girl's Etnies shoes are universally recognized as a top brand for quality and attractive girl's skate shoes. Wherever you find Etnies Footwear, there is likely to be Etnies girl's skate shoes. Here is the current line-up of Etnies girl's sneakers:

  • Girls Czar 2
  • Girls Digit 2
  • Girls Estrella
  • Girls Fader
  • Girls Lo Cut 2.5
  • Girls Locke
  • Girls Lowrizer
  • Girls Perry Mid B4BC
  • Girls Perry Mid
  • Girls Rookie
  • Girls RSS
  • Girls RVM
  • Girls Santiago
  • Girls Tobi
  • Girls Uptown
  • Girls Vanah
  • Girls Zip

Etnies Shoes for Kids


This company is not only known for their wide range of men skateboard shoes and girls sneakers, but also their line of kids Etnies shoes. Kids Etnies skate shoes are very popular and fair-priced, and there are so many different Etnies shoes for kids to choose from. You can find Etnies shoes for kids online and in almost any skate shop or shoe store that sells this brand of skateboard shoes and sneakers.

Your child can look just like his older brother or favorite skateboarder with his kids Etnies skate shoes. Etnies shoes for kids are made with the same amount of pride and consistency as any other  skateboard shoe, and many of the kids Etnies skate shoes are just miniature versions of the adult models. However, there are also a few Etnies shoes for kids that are unique and made specially for the kids. Let's take a look at the current line-up of Etnies shoes for kids and toddlers:

Etnies Kids Skate Shoes:

  • Kids Digit 2
  • Kids Fader
  • Kids Locke
  • Kids Ronin
  • Kids RVM
  • Kids Sheckler
  • Kids Twitch 2
  • Etnies Toddler Skate Shoes:

  • Toddler Fader
  • Toddler Ronin
  • Toddler RVM
  • Cheap Etnies Shoes


    Etnies Footwear, being such a successful skateboard shoe company, is able to provide

    cheap Etnies shoes to its customers while still keeping their world-famous quality intact. Cheap Etnies shoes can be found a number of ways. One can opt to look on the clearance discount rack at their local skate shoe shop for some cheap Etnies shoes for sale, or simply look online. These cheap Etnies shoes are normally older models that still need to be sold. Cheap Etnies shoes like these may be older models, but they are still quality skateboard shoes worth buying. There's a difference between getting cheap Etnies shoes that are used and buying cheap Etnies shoes that are on sale.

    If you're looking for cheap Etnies shoes that are actually newer models, Etnies Footwear has you covered. Cheap Etnies shoes are not hard to find because Etnies Footwear can afford to sell some of their skate shoes for cheap due to how successful they are. Etnies Footwear offers a wide range of cheap Etnies shoes that are just waiting to be grabbed up. Here is a list of 20 cheap Etnies shoes that are currently priced at $60 or less*:

    • Alpha ($55)
    • Barge ($60)
    • Barge - Thunder Collaboration ($45)
    • Chrome ($49)
    • Cinch ($60)
    • Czar 2 Girls ($46)
    • Digit 2 ($60)
    • Faction ($42)
    • Fader ($60)
    • Jameson 2 ($50)
    • Locke ($60)
    • Perry Mid B4BC ($49)
    • RSS ($50)
    • RVL ($60)
    • RVL - Thunder Collaboration ($46)
    • RVL - MySpace Collab ($40)
    • Santiago ($60)
    • Sheckler 2 ($45)
    • Tobi ($55)
    • Zip ($35)

    *Prices taken from SkateAmerica and Zappos on 1/30/2010

    Etnies Footwear Sponsored Skateboarders


    These skateboard sneakers are known to be top-quality by its customers as well as the professional skateboarders that wear them. These pro skateboarders put their faith and trust into Etnies Footwear to provide them with the best skateboard shoes and sneakers possible:

    • Davis Torgerson
    • Devine Calloway
    • Jose Rojo
    • Kyle Leeper
    • Mikey Taylor
    • Ryan Sheckler
    • Sean Malto
    • Tyler Bledsoe
    • Willow

    History of Etnies Footwear


    Etnies Footwear is world-famous as being the very first skateboarder-owned skateboard sneaker company. Founded in 1986 in France by pro-skateboarder Pierre Andre Senizergues, Etnies Footwear was also the first skateboard shoe and sneaker company to feature a pro model skateboard shoe (Pierre's own sneaker). Etnies Footwear is seen as a leader in the skateboard shoe industry only comparable to the likes of DC Shoes and Vans.

    This company has evolved immensely over the last 24 years, moving on from strictly men's skateboard shoes and sneakers to a full line of apparel including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats & beanies, accessories, as well as girls Etnies shoes and kids Etnies shoes. Owned by Sole Technology, Inc., and now operating out of Lake Forrest, CA with sister sneaker companies Emerica and eS, Etnies Footwear is recognized globally as one of the founding skateboard shoe companies.

    Etnies Footwear originally derived its name from the work "ethnics" and was originally called Etnics Footwear to represent the diverse cultures involved in skateboarding. Etnics Footwear was changed to Etnies Footwear recently after their inception due to legal reasons. Today, Etnies Footwear continues to push the boundaries of innovative and creative skateboard shoe styles, designs, and features, and has set the bar for most other skateboard shoe companies to try and live up to. Etnies Footwear now has their own outlet store that features a wide range of products coming from Sole Technologies including Etnies, Emerica, and eS apparel, accessories, and footwear.

    Etnies Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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