12 Years ago we had a dream.

A dream to create a platform where writers could come together and write amazing content that would be serve our audience.

Writers would be free to focus on what they enjoyed.


And not all the nuances that come along with operating a web site. Things like marketing, technology, fulfilling advertisers, etc.

In 2008, we launched InfoBarrel and it quickly became one of the most visited web sites in the entire world. -

At it’s peek InfoBarrel was the 2000th biggest web site in the ENTIRE world, and served over 50 million page views per month.

Unfortunately, the Internet changes fast.

And while we fought through endless search engine updates, social media algorithm adjustments, and changes to the advertising market…

We’ve been unable to evolve our model in a way that made sense for both our writers as well as us.

Yes, the site is still generating enough money to keep the doors open, but after paying writers and server bills, there isn’t anything left to actually run a business.

In February, Paypal eliminated the API we use to pay our writers.

Which meant that InfoBarrel would need a massive software upgrade that would cost a lot of money.

The costs to make these changes, would eliminate all profit IB would potentially generate in over a year.

Regardless of the costs, we’ve been working on rebuilding the problematic software so can resume payouts. Clearly, it has taken awhile.

We appreciate your patience over the last few months as we quietly worked on fixing our Paypal connection.

Over the last 11 years, we have fought tooth and nail to find a way to make IB work, but the Internet has changed tremendously.

We’ve taken the time to reflect, and we’ve decided that it is time for InfoBarrel to move on.

Moving forward, we will no longer be accepting new articles, or edits to existing articles.

Everybody who has hit payment threshold was paid out October 9, 2019.

Don’t worry, if you are shy of pay out, your articles will still earn money until December 31, 2019.

If you’d like your articles removed, please send a direct message to admin on InfoBarrel and we remove your content for you.

Due to overwhelming numbers of emails and messages, we will no longer be responding to requests by Facebook Messenger or Email.

We’d like to personally thank everybody who has contributed to IB over the years. It was amazing to see the strong community grow into success stories over the years.

We wish you all well on your future projects.

Thanks for the memories