iPage Web Host Review

My website host is iPage, which was somewhat of a good accident. I used LunarPages in the past, but wanted to try a new web host, and not GoDaddy.  I researched web hosts looking for a cheap host that also offered a lot of features, and the answer was iPage.  A positive point for iPage right away is that they accept PayPal payments for web hosting, buying domains, and purchasing other services.  I like the option to pay with PayPal.

Using iPage as a web host gives you a free domain, plus all sorts of extra features that would cost hundreds of dollars if they were purchased separately.  After one year of hosting I made the decision to buy more hosting with iPage and stick with them.  I recommend iPage to anyone who is looking for cheap hosting, free domain, multiple website building options, free advertsing, built-in Google Webmaster tools, a free online store (optional), and a lot more.  Those who want to spend extra money can use iPage's copywriting and search engine optimization services to rank higher on Google.  There are many different options for your website at iPage.

iPage Web Hosting - Customer Service

The customer service at iPage is excellent.  They are quick to respond plus they offer several different options as far as how to contact their customer service, including phone, email, support console, and online instant message support where they can remotely help with any problems. It is important that I use a company with good customer service and cheap hosting because I am bound to mess up while learning how to build websites and optimize them as well as possible. 

Hosting prices have gone up $1 since I first bought my hosting package in 2010.  The web host price at iPage is $4.50/month.  One perk of buying hosting at iPage is the special sales for customers only.  These special discount hosting sales offer really cheap hosting.  

When I compare iPage to other web hosts, I think they are an excellent choice.  Although I have not used many other web hosts or purchased domains through other companies, I know that I have no need to go anywhere else.  I have watched iPage continuously improve their services, add new features, and strive to offer more to current and prospective customers.  When a company works to improve their current functioning I like it.  Choosing iPage as a web host gives customers options and it is worth the money.   IPage offers marketing tools that include free advertising credits with Facebook, Yahoo, and others, adding up to hundreds of dollar worth of free search marketing credits. Cheap Web Host, Excellent Customer Service - iPageCredit: iPage

iPage Web Host - How to Build a Website

Opting to go with iPage is not just about a cheap web host.  Along with their bonus features come security, like real time scans and their results. Using iPage has website security benefits so you do not have to only rely on your own software for security. One security feature that they offer is SiteLock, a free validation and security feature that lets your site users know that your website is safe, something that is becoming increasingly important.  

If you use iPage as your host you can also get a free online store. There are several options for the actual building of the website, including website builders, Weebly, plus WordPress is an option. You can use Joomla and other content management systems to build your website or Artisteer.  If you run into trouble along the way, contact iPage customer service.  The online customer support system is great since they are able to see what you are working on and fix it remotely.  When I was making my website I ran into some problems.  I used iPage customer service a couple of times in the same week. They helped me each time and I never heard that they didn't offer support on "my issue" which is what I was told by LunarPages customer service on a pretty similar issue.

Buying Hosting at iPage - Cheap and Guaranteed

Overall, iPage is a cheap host that throws in a lot of other extras.  The best way to see what they offer is to check them out because I cannot copy all of it here. If you are looking for your first web host then iPage is a good place to start. There is even a blogging only option for those who don't want to mess with everything that comes with buying a website. 

Whether you write for revenue share companies like InfoBarrel or you are simply looking for a good, cheap web host, iPage is an excellent choice.  Revenue share site members who have been writing articles should eventually try to branch out, find a niche market, and try making a website that only you own and optimize monetarily. 

If you are still researching web hosting it would be a mistake to skip over iPage without checking out all of the features they offer as your web host, including a money back guarantee.