the long, long trailer movie review

classic film review of the long, long trailer

A classic 1953 comedy staring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, during which time they were married in real life.  On a star scale of 1-10, "The Long, Long Trailer, " gets an 8.   Granted I am partial to comedies, old movies, technicolor and this era of time in cinema.  Given this, this film does not disappoint. 

Synopsis:  Nicky and Tracy are engaged and about to be married and as such Tracy is nesting.  Nicky is a scientist who has to travel to do field research about misquitos.  They have been saving money for a home.  Tracy decides that having a trailer where she gets to travel with Nicky and "make a home" for him is just the thing.  After they get hitched (ha!  catch the meaning?) Tracy gets a reluctant Nicky to actually purchase the trailer of their dreams.  He then has to purchase a new car, big and heavy enough to tow the thing.  Then he has to have the car outfitted with the proper equipment to tow it.  All things that he didn't bargain for.  After packing the trailer they embark on an adventure.  Such halarious scenes as visiting her family, her collection of rocks from each place they've been, trying to cook in a moving trailer, and a cliffhanging ride through the mountains as they try to stay calm discussing a book Tracy is reading all serve to entertain.  You can see the strain coming out as their trailer adventures nearly destroy their marriage.  A great, funny classic!

Why this film entertains me:

To my ex-boyfriend of 6 years who left me because he wanted to sell all his crap (this is after years of hording stuff and me trying to get him to get rid of crap), buy a van, live it and go to South America, which is what he did in high school, minus the van.  YOU ARE NOT SEVENTEEN ANYMORE.  YOU CAN'T GO BACK! 

I had to close my business because he did all of this so suddenly and without communicating with me.  My new plan?  I am saving up to buy a really nice RV, and making my life more mobile and traveling!