Osiris Skateboard Shoes (NYC83)

Osiris Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Styles/Models

Osiris Footwear is recognized as a leader in the skate shoe industry with some of the most stylish and comfortable sneakers that money can buy. Osiris shoes come in a diverse range of styles to fit any personality. For 14 years, Osiris sneakers have been at the forefront of the business by consistently producing unique and diverse skateboarding footwear year after year.

Osiris Footwear has somehow managed to implement an amazing combination of style, comfort, durability, and skate shoe technology in every pair of Osiris sneakers they produce. There are not many other sneakers that can compare to original style of Osiris shoes. There are so many Osiris shoes to choose from as well. No matter what your preference in skateboarding sneakers, Osiris Footwear is likely to have the one that fits your taste. Here is a list of the current Osiris sneakers:

Osiris Sneakers (Signature Models)

  • Brockman
  •  Caswell
  •  Corpse
  •  Duffel
  •  Q379
  •  Shuriken
  •  Shuriken Lo
  •  Shuriken Mid
  •  Zombie

Osiris Sneakers (Team Models)

  •  Assist
  •  Blade
  •  Chino Lo
  •  Chino Mid
  •  Duffel LP
  •  Hybrid
  •  Merk II
  •  NYC 83 Ultra
  •  Pixel
  •  Tron
  •  Tron SE

Osiris Sneakers (Lifestyle Models)

    • 45
    •  Armade XLT
    •  Clip
    • Decay
    • Diablo
    • Hayou LT
    • M3
    • Osiris NYC 83
    • NYC 83 Mid
    • NYC 83 Mid ULT
    • NYC 83 Mid WKR
    • NYC 83 Slim
    • Rhyme
    •  Osiris Serve 


  • Troma II Icon
  • Troma II Redux
  • Troma II Abel
  • Tron SE
  • Uptown VULC
  • Wrath




Osiris Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Features


Osiris sneakers are among the most innovative and advanced when it comes to skate shoe technology. This brand of sneakers has set the bar for this technology time and time again since the late 1990s. The D3 was one of the most famous and popular shoes of its time due to its unprecedented skate shoe technology never seen before in a pair of shoes.

Osiris sneakers continue to push the limits in sneaker technology with their own patented designs like their Airbag technology which incorporates an encapsulating heel airbag cushioning in some Osiris skateboard shoes. The Osiris sneakers that don't feature this design still include a gel insert in all cup-sole midsoles. Some of the sneakers also feature their patented Super Grip technology which allows for maximum gripping ability on your skateboard. Osiris Footwear continues to raise the bar year after year with skate shoe technology. Osiris skateboard shoes own the rights to the very first mobile audio unit they named the G-Bag

Kids Osiris shoes

Kids Osiris shoes are among the most popular kids skate shoes in the world. Osiris Footwear gets a lot of business with their kids Osiris shoes, and for good reason. Kids Osiris shoes are often miniature versions of the adult Osiris shoes, but there are a couple of kids Osiris shoes that are unique. Kids Osiris shoes include all of the same features as their adult counterparts too, which is great.

Kids Osiris shoes are very fair-priced and come in all sizes. It's not too hard to find a pair of kids Osiris shoes. You can find them in virtually any shoe store that sells Osiris skateboard shoes. You can also find a plethora of kids Osiris shoes online. Here is a list of the best kids Osiris shoes available:



  • Kids NYC 83
  • Kids NYC 83 Mid
  • Kids NYC 83 Slim
  • Kids Serve
  • Kids Serve Icon
  • Kids Serve Abel
  • Kids Troma II
  • Kids Duffel
  • Kids Libra
  • Kids Libra Becky Bones
  • Kids South Bronx
  • Kids Bronx
  • Kids Harlem
  • Kids Merk II


Cheap Osiris Shoes

Osiris Footwear has so many skateboard shoes and sneakers to choose from, that it's often not hard to find cheap Osiris shoes. In the end it just depends on what you define as a cheap Osiris shoe. Many Osiris shoes sell for upwards of $80, but there are quite a few that are $60 or less that I would consider cheap Osiris shoes.

There are other ways of finding cheap Osiris shoes as well. In fact, you can find some really cheap Osiris shoes on the clearance racks at your local skate shop. Many websites also have a number of cheap Osiris shoes on sale available. When new models start to come out, the older one start needing to be sold and thus become cheap for you, even though they are still brand new and the same high-quality skateboard shoe you would have gotten the year before when it was $20 more expensive. Cheap Osiris shoes are really not too hard to come by, you just have to look. Here is a list of cheap Osiris shoes currently priced at $60 or less*:



  • Chino Mid ($57)
  • Clip ($40)
  • South Bronx ($46-$53)



*Prices taken from SkateAmerica and Zappos on 1/30/2010


Girls/Womens Osiris Shoes


This company doesn't leave out the girls when making their skateboarding sneakers. Womens/Girls Osiris shoes are very popular and very stylish as well. If you're looking for womens/girls shoes, they can almost always be found anywhere this brand sneakers are sold. Womens/girls Osiris shoes come in all sizes and the diverse styles of them is amazing. There is a reason why they are so popular and that is mostly due to their style and comfort. Here is the line-up of womens/girls Osiris shoes:


  • Girls/Womens Baron
  • Girls/Womens Harlem
  • Girls/Womens Hayou LT
  • Girls/Womens Libra
  • Girls/Womens NYC 83
  • Girls/Womens NYC 83 Mid
  • Girls/Womens Serve
  • Girls/Womens Troma Icon
  • Girls/Womens Troma II
  • Girls/Womens Troma Redux
  • Girls/Womens Uptown
  • Girls/Womens Uptown LTD

Osiris Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders

Osiris skateboard shoes are put to the test everyday by the pro skateboarders who wear and design them. These skateboarders depend on Osiris sneakers to provide them with maximum durability, comfort, and overall quality. Check out the guys who put their faith into Osiris skateboard shoes every time they get on their board:

  • Corey Duffel
  • Shuriken Shannon
  • Caswell Berry
  • Stu Graham
  • Chad Bartie
  • Taylor Bingaman
  • PLG
  • Everen Stallion
  • Jamie Palmore
  • Peter Raffin

History of Osiris Footwear


Osiris Footwear was founded in 1996 by Tony Chen, Tony Magnusson, Brian Reid, Doug Weston, and Laura Kim. These innovators saw potential in the skate shoe industry to implement more professional designed and endorsed sneakers. Osiris Footwear has constantly set the bar for skateboard shoes with cutting-edge styles and amazing sneaker technology. Osiris Footwear is looked up to as one of the top skateboard footwear companies in the world, and Osiris continues to live up to great expectations.

In 2008, a new line of Osiris sneakers was born. This new line was called Becky Bones and it was created by Osiris for inspired teens that strive to help bring positive change to the environment. Becky Bones helps these teens out by giving back 25% of their profits to implement green practices such as recycling programs or tree-planting. Osiris Footwear never fails to deliver in any aspect.


Osiris Skateboard Shoes Not For You?


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