wedding band tattoos

Wedding rings are a popular symbol of the bonds of marriage. In virtually every western-based marriage ceremony, a set of rings is produced and vows are pronounced. The ring is an amazing symbol of marital covenant and fidelity. A ring has no end, symbolizing the lifelong commitment that the two partners are entering into. 

What happens, though, if a 'traditional' set of rings will not do? Getting a wedding ring tattoo designed is perhaps a good option for you. A wedding band tattoo design is a unique, permanent and romantic way to commemorate your vows to one another. 

Though generally a much smaller piece of art than those that you will find elsewhere on the body, effective tattoo aftercare is absolutely critical, for even wedding band tattoos. Because I have personally too many cases of beautiful masterpieces succumbing to horrendous infection and inflammation, later on in this article, I will also provide some tips and insights into my favorite method of tattoo aftercare with high quality essential oils created by my personal favorite company, doTERRA (This stuff is amazing, and isn't "just for women", as many men tend to think...I WAS a skeptical male, too, at one time....).

(The product is called "Immortelle", but I will mention more about it later on in this article.)

As the writer of this article, along with a recipient of several tattoos, I feel strongly that I would be remiss in my responsibility, to you, if I were not to speak of the importance of proper and effective aftercare.

Reasons For

Designs & Meanings

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs - Tattoo a Wedding Band That Matches The Other

There are quite a few good reasons why a wedding ring tattoo might be a good idea, depending on the couple. 

A reason why wedding band tattoos might be popular is the fact that you have total creative control! Many people design their tattoos, and wedding bands are no different. With a tattoo ring, you are only limited by your imagination. Pick a symbol, color, animal, even a set of words that perfectly describe you and your beloved.

A wedding band tattoo is a permanent part of your body. While you can remove, lose, scratch, tarnish, cut or otherwise damage a ring of gold, silver or platinum, a wedding ring that is tattooed to your hand is totally permanent.

Another reason is the price. A tattoo, though still relatively expensive, is a much cheaper wedding ring idea for a couple with a limited budget. Such a small surface area and simple design won't cost much more than a few hundred dollars, and chances are it will be much cheaper than that. 

Lastly, a wedding ring of metal might not be practical, depending on many factors. Some people have metal allergies and can't wear jewelry. Others work with their hands and a ring gets in the way. Others may work in dangerous environments where theft is a daily possibility. If a metal ring isn't practical, consider this alternative.


Tattoo Wedding Ring Design Downsides

I'm a romantic at heart, and I intend to be married for life. However, if you aren't sure that your marriage is going to last forever, tattooing a ring on your finger might be a little shortsighted. Even if you're lucky enough to be married for life, your taste in design may change, so make your choice carefully. 

Tattoos are painful to apply, and take some time. If you're not a big fan of painful experiences, this might not be for you. That said, these wedding band tattoos are very small. A tattoo like this isn't going to hurt that badly. Smaller tattoos are almost painless, and can be applied quickly.

While not as expensive as gold or platinum, tattooed wedding rings are still relatively costly. If money is really tight, perhaps a stainless steel or brass ring is a better option. You can expect to spend around $100 per tattoo design for this kind of work. Since your tattoo will be small, it shouldn't be too expensive.


Time to go out and look up some designs. This can be a fun experience for a couple. Try using a search engine to check out wedding band tattoos. promised earlier, about effective aftercare....

Having found this article because you are likely interested in getting a wedding band tattoo done yourself, I cannot stress enough the importance of effective after care. Sadly, I have seen one too many cases where individuals just haven't taken the care of their body art seriously. A casual Google search will reveal a tremendous amount of unfortunate cases where ineffective care led to the severe infection and inflammation of an otherwise artistic masterpiece.

Some pictures can be truly heart breaking.

Simple after care, with the correct product or combination of products, will prevent a tremendous among of agony.

Whether you decide to use one product or a combination of products, it is important that it/they address the following elements of effective wound care.

They MUST provide for:

  • Skin elasticity promotion. 
  • Hydration. 
  • Inflammation reduction.
  • Tissue healing and repair.
  • Tissue re-growth.

Sadly, I have also seen some--even artists themselves--only recommend one or two products, that only address one or two of those wound care needs and requirements.

Though on the pricey side, I would highly recommend an essential oil called "Immortelle", which is sold by a company called doTERRA (as mentioned earlier).

This is my absolute favorite company.

And, this essential oil is actually an "anti-aging" blend composed of several of the highest quality oils found in the world, to include:

  • Frankincense
  • Helichrysum
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Myrrh

Because it is so effective, however, this essential oil blend isn't cheap.

In fact, it is at the high end of many people's budgets.

Currently, it sells for $92.67 on the company's website.

The great news, however, is that instead of purchasing at a full retail price, my absolute favorite way to purchases oils like this--especially the higher end priced ones--is to purchase it through a wholesale account. Like a Sam's Club or Costco membership, a wholesale membership costs a first year fee of $35, but, then drops to $25 for every year subsequently.

The wholesale membership price is 25% off absolutely every oil, and would drop the price of "Immortelle" from $92.67 to $69.51! That is a $23.16 savings, or a substantial portion of what your first year wholesale membership price would cost, and nearly the entire cost ($25) for subsequent years of wholesale membership cost.

This oil worked like magic with my aftercare.

Though the price is certainly steep, I would highly recommend purchasing it through a wholesale account in order to capture that huge savings.

Good Luck!