Nothing says sacrificing everything for beauty like injecting the deadly botulism bacteria in your face to reduce wrinkles! I kid, of course. Botox is actually a protein, there is not one speck of bacteria in a properly made Botox injection.

While botulism is a serious paralytic disease, it also produces huge amounts of seven different proteins which are coined as protein A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.  For Botox, only the A protein is used. It is extracted and purified. If you are getting your Botox from a reputable medical source, there is actually virtually no chance of being injected with the botulism bacteria.

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After the A protein is extracted it is put into a vial. The proteins are so small, the vial looks empty, so water is added so that they can inject it into your skin.

A fun fact about Botox is, it actually does nothing to your skin. Not one single thing. So people who think that Botox reacts with the skin to alleviate wrinkles are actually completely wrong.

When Botox is injected, it never spreads beyond 1 cm in the skin. If it spread anymore, the Botox protein will be so diluted, it won't actually do anything. What Botox really does is seeks out another protein called SNAP-25. The Botox protein will attach to the SNAP-25 protein and both will dissolve completely. Most people think than Botox sticks around for about 3 months when it starts to wear off. however the truth is within 25 minutes, all of the Botox is gone after having dissolved with the SNAP-25 proteins.

So what does Botox do? The SNAP-25 proteins is what helps the nerves in the face talk to the muscle. Without these proteins, the nerve and the muscle do nothing. Botox cannot alleviate deep wrinkles because essentially all Botox does is stop the muscle underneath the face from moving the skin that covers it. This way, the skin relaxes and does not have to do any work, making light wrinkles disappear.

Botox "wears off" in about 3 months because the nerve makes new SNAP-25 proteins in about that time, thus the muscle and skin resume talking, thus wrinkles are formed.

Botox may seem like a cure all for wrinkles, but really it is not. If you are willing to mess around with the bodies natural proteins then good on you. If you want to try to keep wrinkles at bay a more natural way, remember to stay very hydrated and get lots of vitamin C. These two things promote collagen production which keeps your skin tight and wrinkle free.